2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read

I have so many books on my shelf that it feels as though I will never be done reading them all. Which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing. Just slightly overwhelming. I have this tendency (I’m currently doing it as I write this post) to reread an entire series, just because, or because a new book in the series has come out and I can’t bear to read the other books until I’ve relived all the hurts and feels. It’s great but it also means that some of the really great books on my shelves are overlooked, or get left because I don’t have the time to read them. This 2018 edition of Books I Need to Read will fix that… I hope.

In this 2018 edition of Books I Need to Read I want to focus on books that have been sat on my shelf for a while and have been all but neglected by reader me. I set parameters for this challenge so I don’t completely overwhelm myself:

  1. If the book is the first in a series, only the first has to be read.
  2. The first 100 pages have to be read before declaring it a DNF
  3. A book that needs to be read should feature in each month’s TBR.
  4. Any books that aren’t read by the end of the year will be unhauled.

So on with the 2018 edition of Books I Need to Read list.

Burial Rites

The first book on my 2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read has been sat on my shelf for as long as I can remember. I picked it up thinking how beautiful it was and based on all the rave reviews about the story and the heroine. I am more than looking forward to making the time and jumping into this story!

The Name of the Wind

Another book that I have heard nothing but great things about and one that I have tried to get to (it was even on my November TBR). It never happens. But as a fantasy fan, I am always looking for a good series to jump right into. I’m hoping that this might even fill the hole that A Song of Ice and Fire left in my reading. It will be read in 2018. I will make it a mission.

Paper Towns

I am not the biggest John Green fan. I kinda enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars but Looking for Alaska not so much. This was the next big thing, I even put off watching the movie until I have read the book. Then I never read the book, so this is a book that is a well-deserved addition to 2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read.


I want to watch the TV show so badly, but I will not watch it before I read it. I’m a little bizarre when it comes down to these things. Plus I have already tried TWICE to listen to this on audiobook and failed each time. We shall see if reading it makes any difference, and now it’s in the 2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read, there’s a chance I’ll actually get on it!

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

This was recommended by a friend, she studied it for A Level English and actually came out raving about how great the book was. Anything that can survive being studied at A Level and still be seen as a masterpiece deserves its place on my shelf. Have I gotten around to reading it even though the recommendation is nearly three years old? Nope.

The Diviners

I bought this at my first YALC and I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. This is actually one that I haven’t heard great things about. I want to read it and see whether it deserves to stay on my shelves. This decision needs to be made soon, it’s been too long sat on my shelf so it’s a much needed addition to my 2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read.

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

I read The Hundred-Year-Old Man earlier this year by the same author and I wasn’t massively impressed with it, I think the story was weak but I bought this one before I had read the other. I’m hoping the humour is better and the story makes more sense. So it’s on my shelf, and I need to get it read!

Grasshopper Jungle

I was so intrigued by this book, and I picked it up without hesitation. I loved Winger so I was hoping that this book would rate just as highly. But I never made the jump to actually read it, so it has sat unread, and I actually really want to read it. So this is the year, I have heard mixed things about it, I’m hoping it’s a weird enough to be good.

A Clockwork Orange

This is a book that needed to be on my 2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read. I have heard all about it and the violence that is involved. It’s been on my book bucket list and 2018 is finally the year I’m going to get to it and it’s why it’s earnt a place on this list. I’m kinda excited to read this book, I might have to save it for October.

The Illiad

I love the Greek myths and I have always wanted to read more about them, I mean I know the obvious ones, like Achilles. 2018 is the year to start reading all the books. Plus some of my friends have read it and really enjoyed it, so I’m thrilled to add it to my 2018 Edition of Books I Need to Read.

Who Could That Be At This Hour?


Lemony Snicket is one of my favourite authors and I recently reread all of A Series of Unfortunate Events and really loved it. I bought this book a long time ago and just haven’t gotten around to read it. I’ve heard mixed things about the series, so I’m hoping that I’ll love it as much as the other series.

The Gunslinger

I have a love-hate relationship with Stephen King. I really love his stories and how well they’re put together but the endings are always really weak and it leaves me frustrated. So I have bought the first in this series in a hope that the endings won’t suck, and I’ll get to have the best of both worlds.

Chat with me. (1)

There you have it my 12 books that I need to have read in 2018. One for each month. Do you have any books that you need or want to read next year? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Marta @thecursedbooks

    19th December 2017 at 5:15 pm

    I need to read Burial Rites soon too, even more now that there’s a movie coming up! <3
    Please read The Illiad as I think you'll enjoy it a lot if you're into greek mythology! I'm also very curious about The Diviners and Name of the Wind!

    1. Jordann @thebookbloglife

      20th December 2017 at 1:45 pm

      I didn’t even know about the movie – I need to read it purely because it’s been sat there for so long hah! The Illiad is one that I’m really excited for actually, I’ve heard nothing but good things! The Name of the Wind I think is going to be a great book to read. Not sure about The Diviners, one of my best friends read it and wasn’t impressed… so we’ll see.

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