A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Four

Welcome to A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Four! The final installment in my mini review of this entire series and I have to say these books were the most confusing and the most interesting and frustrating all at the same time. I struggled with some of them and the last one most of all if I’m honest. I was so happy to relive this series though, it was my childhood in thirteen books.

If you haven’t read part one, two or three, I suggest you do that first!

On with my A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Four.

The Slippery Slope


4 Star Read

I loved this book, I feel we learnt an awful lot about the orphans and the way they work with each other. I also loved Sunny’s transition, I definitely think this is the book that you remember Sunny for, you almost forget how long their saga is and that Sunny wouldn’t have remained a baby for that entire time. There were a lot of questions raised in this book and some of them made perfect sense and then others not so much. There are a lot of reintroduction of various characters and I loved that, it felt more of a cohesive series. PLUS there’s an added bonus of a character that we have never met before but become immediately interested in.

The Grim Grotto


4 Star Read

This book made me laugh and I’m so glad it waited for my  A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Four to be able to mention it. I loved the characters that were introduced and the fact that they were a little more rounded than previous. There were an abundance of dramatic situations and also of misunderstandings. This is the book where I feel the schism starts to come into its own and becomes an issue for the Baudelaires. Oh and then there’s the added problem that VFD aren’t as good as they sound and we begin to learn that things aren’t quite as black and white as we originally thought. I adore this book for the simply reason that the majority of it takes place on a submarine!

The Penultimate Peril


4 Star Read

I still can’t get over how clever this book was and I adored how it felt like all the loose threads were coming together and that we were nearing the end. Also the fact that although the Baudelaires were surrounded by potential enemies they weren’t phased, it showed the growth that they had embarked on from the beginning. It was actually sad that they perceived the danger they were in as a normality. One thing about this book I loved was the reappearance of the various guardians, it was a nice touch to see where they ended up and on what side of the fence they landed.

The End


4 Star ReadBy the time I got to this book I was so heavily invested in the characters and their lives that I was kind of disappointed in the ending. It was frustrating but also EXTREMELY clever and something that had been forewarned throughout the earlier books. It really highlights the fact that lives aren’t simply beginning, middle and end and that questions are left unanswered more often than not. Now I’m not saying that placates my desire to know more but I understand why it was done!

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Have you read this series? Which were your favourite characters? Were there any villains that caught your attention?

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