A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Two

Welcome to A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Two. I have managed to read another three of the series, so here is another three mini reviews. Once again, these were books that I enjoyed and have things to say but not enough for an entire review.

If you haven’t read the first three mini reviews here they are. So make sure you check these out before you read the below, I wouldn’t want you to spoil yourself.

The Miserable Mill

I thought this was a nice change of pace as the guardians turned out to be an awful person – almost but not quite as awful as Count Olaf. Plus there was also multiple people who fitted Count Olaf’s description but when his disguise is revealed it really made me smile, I definitely thought it was a wonderful addition to the story and series as a whole. One thing I loved about this book was the role reversal of the characters, they each took on different parts of each other. It was nice to see them jumping out of their stereotypes. I think my favourite part of this entire book was the secondary characters, they were well developed and I loved the way they interacted with each other.


The Austere Academy

This has to be one of my favourite settings of the entire series so far. I definitely enjoyed the freedom it gave the Baudelaires and the way they were able to showcase their talents. It was refreshing. The introduction of the Quagmire triplets was done so well, plus the similarities between them and the Baudelaires meant they complimented each other perfectly. Plus there was the start of the VFD mystery and it was here where the story and plot line starts to get more and more interesting. I have to say that Count Olaf’s plan was well done and was extremely smart, it was the first one that seemed to have the potential to actually work. OH and the twist at the end was some kind of magic. All in all this has to be my favourite addition to my A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Review Part Two.


The Ersatz Elevator

Another case of a guardian that doesn’t understand the children overpowering someone who does. It was an interesting dynamic and there was a brilliant twist to do with the guardians that really set the pace of the book. I really enjoyed the whole things being ‘in’ sequence of the book, it was funny and well written and made sense with the characters. The idea that someone would have adopted not just one but three orphans because society had deemed it as an ‘in’ thing to do made me smile. I just really enjoyed the way this book was put together, I smiled and laughed out loud, it was also dramatic in all the good ways. These books are really getting better and better.

I definitely think compared to the first three these are my favourite. I just think the characters were put together better and the storylines were well placed and well done. They were just better, a lot more interesting. That is the end of my  A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Two.

Did you have the same feelings about the series? Or did these let you down after the excitement of the first three. Let me know in the comments.

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