A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Three

So here it is another instalment – A Series of Unfortunate Events : Mini Reviews Part Three. I have read another three of the series and thought it was about time I updated you with my thoughts and ideas. I definitely think this is where the series starts to come into itself, answering some of the questions that had been left unanswered at the beginning.

If you haven’t read part one and part two, I suggest you do that first. Wouldn’t want you to get spoiled.

The Vile Village

This is the turning point I think for the Baudelaires. They suddenly have a purpose and you can start to see them make decisions based on that. This is also the book that everything seems to go wrong, we revisit the Quagmire triplets and learn a little more about that. I definitely think that this book is more of a filler than any of the others, it moves the story along to where it needs to be. It wasn’t my favourite and I thought it lacked the usual humour and snarky tone that make these books enjoyable.

The Hostile Hospital

This has to be one of my favourite books of the entire series. The growth the children go through is astonishing and they begin to recognise the bad behaviours creeping in. I really think that this is the book for the personal growth for the children, you can see the pain of having to do awful things, and not having any choice. This is where the choice of survival comes into play and watching the children struggle with it made this book one of my favourites. Plus it was at times hilarious and the casual violence that is reintroduced makes these books so special.

The Carnivorous Carnival

This book pains me so. I just thought the entire thing was a little on the predictable side. I knew what was going to happen before the last sentence of the first paragraph. It was a disappointment. We learn a lot about the children’s parents, but the mystery is annoyingly out of reach again. One thing I loved was the ending. It was the one thing in the book that actually surprised me. In fact, it took my breath away a little.

This series seems to get better as the books are going on, plus we must be close to finding out about the mystery right? RIGHT?? I need to know like now.

Have you made it this far? If so what are your favourite parts of the series? Or your favourite character? Let me know.


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