Chest of Bone Book Review

I received this book from Netgalley.

As magical and mundane worlds entwine, empath and unawakened Mage Clea Reese must team up with the secretive James Larrimer to hunt her mentor’s killer and stop the forces of corruption from obtaining the Chest of Bone, the ultimate source of otherworldly power.

Larrimer is a predator who stalks endangered-animal traders. Or so it appears. And none are prepared for the fusion of Clea’s and Larrimer’s song, a wild resonance which can bind one to the other.

Powerful forces align against them, and only Clea, the singular Key, and Larrimer stand between these malignant entities and their ruthless quest.

I found Chest of Bone on NetGalley and I loved the premise of the book, the description really hit me. I wanted to read it and I managed to get accepted! However, I found it to be lacking. The payoff wasn’t there and I struggled to get all the way through the book.

I don’t quite know what to say about this book because I’m still not sure what actually happened. I read this whirlwind and really struggled with the plot. Nothing seemed to make any sense or was deemed important enough to have any explanation. I have literally no idea how the magic system works and why.

I guess my biggest problems with Chest of Bone is the lack of direction. It was all over the place and it just lacked any kind of logic. Everything happened all at once and too much was happening all at the same time. I was lost and confused and not in a good way.

I usually have a favourite and least favourite character but I can’t genuinely choose one. I think I wanna talk about the main character and the fact there was a huge crisis happening and instead of focusing on that we spent time wondering whether we could sleep with our partner. It made me feel icky and awful, it was one of the worst and most problematic things about this book.

And can I just talk about the ridiculousness of James in Chest of Bone? I mean come on, the whole storyline was awful and unbelievable. It was hard to read sometimes. Not my favourite part of the book by any stretch of the imagination. I just think he could have had a better back story and the relationships he formed could have been better written.

Lulu was written as though she and Ronan were a lot younger than in the book, I thought their voices could have been more distinct and not quite as whiny. I didn’t think there was enough of a reaction from Lulu about her father’s death – more about blustering Clea’s ego with the overuse of the word ‘badass’. I don’t know. She didn’t sit well with me and I just wanted a little bit more development.

In terms of recommending a book, this has to go on my nope pile. Unfortunately, this book just wasn’t for me, it happens sometimes!

What have you read this week? Anything good? Have any of the books disappointed you? Let me know in the comments below!

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