Happy Christmas/End of Blogmas | Blogmas Day 25

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So it has finally happened, this is my last post of blogmas! I can’t say that it was all easy, sometimes inspiration was hard to come by, almost as bad was finding the time to write all these blog posts. Writing a post everyday was draining, I might do it again but not for a long time! Happy Christmas anyway!

I think blogmas has given me the motivation for me to start posting more frequently, maybe every other day and make more of an effort with the posts. We’ll see though. I think I’ve written most of my ideas down this past month so there might not be anything more to write, I might just be a dried up sponge now.

I thought I would do a round up of all my blogmas posts so you can check them out at will.

Merry Christmas guys!


Blogmas Day 1 – Blogmas Announcement

Blogmas Day 2 – Fantastic Beasts Film Review

Blogmas Day 3 – November Wrap Up

Blogmas Day 4 – December TBR

Blogmas Day 5 – Die For Me Book Review

Blogmas Day 6 – Bookish Gift Buying Guide

Blogmas Day 7 – Books I Regret Buying

Blogmas Day 8 – My NaNoWriMo Draft

Blogmas Day 9 – Until I Die Book Review

Blogmas Day 10 – E-Book Debate

Blogmas Day 11 – The Week of TV

Blogmas Day 12 – If I Should Die Book Review

Blogmas Day 13 – Top 10 Sequels I Need to Buy/Read

Blogmas Day 14 – WWW Wednesday

Blogmas Day 15 – A Song of Ice and Fire – Final Thoughts

Blogmas Day 16 – My Auto-Buy Authors

Blogmas Day 17 – The Girl on the Train Book Review

Blogmas Day 18 – Sunday’s in Bed With… The Cuckoo’s Calling

Blogmas Day 19 – 2017 Personal Reading Goals

Blogmas Day 20 – Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under the Tree

Blogmas Day 21 – The Cuckoo’s Calling Book Review

Blogmas Day 22 – Books I Just Have to Read: 2017 Edition

Blogmas Day 23 – Books That were so Over-hyped

Blogmas Day 24 – Blogging Goals for 2017

Did you do blogmas this year? Let me know so I can check your blog out!

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