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I stumbled across The Book Blogger Hop – I’m trying to become more active not only posting on my blog but also within the book blogger community – anywho, I thought this question about work-life was actually really relevant!

For all of you worker bees out there! How do you balance having a day job/career and managing your blog at night? Is it hard or easy to do, and what do people in your work life think of your blogs? (submitted by Danielle @ PoetryBooksYA)

If you have read some of my more recent posts you will know how much of a toll my work-life takes on both my reading and my ability to blog. I don’t have a simple fix all solution, as I still struggle to balance them both and have a wonderful marriage and home life. But here are some of my tips.

  • Schedule everything in advance – if you can make sure you have at least one week’s worth of content in the “can” as it were and rearrange if you have something time sensitive come up in between
  • Make time for your blog – I set aside time each day to work on either a blog post or any maintenance that needs to be done and I stick to it. I don’t make excuses and I push through regardless of all the other little jobs I have to do.
  • I have also stopped taking my work home with me. This WAS a deal breaker, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. My efforts at work were going basically unnoticed and I was wearing myself out. I realised I wanted to spend more time doing my blog than doing work that could wait.
  • MAKE IT A PRIORITY. This kinda falls in with making time for your blog but it’s different as well, your blog needs to be a priority, it may not pay the bills or be as important as the job that does but it has to rank high on your list because if it doesn’t then what’s the point?

I think even with all these tips it’s extremely difficult to balance your job and blog and everything else. I think people underestimate how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into writing and running a blog, it’s not an easy feat!

And for the last question, no one in my work life pays that much attention to my blog, they know I run it but apart from that, it’s just on the peripheral.

Let me know what you do to balance your work life and blog life! I would love some more tips and ways to manage my time better!

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11 responses to “Work-life or blog life | Book Blogger Hop #1

  1. daniellepitter

    Such an honest, open answer. Thank you for answering my question this week. It is difficult to manage both identities most of the time, but at least you have tips for yourself.

  2. I personally avoid scheduling posts just because I’ve had bad luck with them not actually posting in the past…but I do try to get my favorite weekly meme posts built in advance so that I just have to log on (which I can do from my phone) and hit publish real quick on the right day.

    But these are definitely some great tips.

    Have a wonderful weekend. – Katie

  3. Firstly, welcome to the BBH and thank you for sharing your answer and experiences with us!

    I completely understand where you’re coming from – and I especially like the little tips that you’ve provided that have helped you handle your blog and your work better at the same time. I definitely think it’s important that we prioritise our blogs, but not so much to the extent that it feels like a job we’re pressured into doing. If you have a particular job, I think it’s also important to separate your personal/blog life and work life, as you mentioned.

    Since my blog is fairly new and I’m not tied down to a specific ‘scheduled’ career (as in I don’t have particular work days), I haven’t really had to juggle managing a blog and a career at the same time. However, I have had to handle quite a few life issues and curveballs, so I do know how hectic is can get and how hard it can be to keep up on top of things. I’m still learning and I’m still trying to figure out what exactly my blog will be focused around, and it’s rather overwhelming, but I hope to get there soon!

    Feel free to check out my own answer if you wish (and a puppy update!)

    – Charlotte (InkBlottings)

    • Finding your rhythm and your niche on your blog can take a really long time, I’m not convinced I’m totally there yet and I’ve been at this for what seems like forever!

      I love your little puppy! I’m a dog mummy as well, and have a husky x rescue dog, who is currently having x-rays!

      It was lovely to hear from you and make sure you stick around, or drop me an email, I’m always looking for bookish friends!