Waiting on Wednesday: The Song Rising

memes, waiting on wednesday / Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

I saw the Waiting on Wednesday meme on another blog and I thought it looked like something I would want to do. Basically you choose a book that you’re desperately awaiting the release off and why.

My Waiting on Wednesday pick this week is The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon – this book was supposed to be out at some point this year but following a blog post that Shannon put up it seems publication has been pushed back.

I’m not usually an impatient person when it comes to books coming out – my freakin’ tbr shelf is well enough to be getting on with and it keeps me well occupied. However with The Song Rising, I find myself grinding my teeth in anticipation. It totally has to do with the fact that the last book ended on such a cliffhanger that if I have to wait any longer I feel like I’m going to explode.

But I wouldn’t want the book to come out half-finished or imperfect. So I’m willing to hold myself together for a little while anyway!

If you haven’t heard anything about this series, it follows a young woman called Paige who is thrown from the dirty London underground into a city that has other-earthly creatures living with ulterior motives for the humans that they kidnap.


I really can’t sell this series because it’s so complex and I can never do it justice. Just take my word that this series is one of the best, so please read it.

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