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Crooked Kingdom | Book Review

This Crooked Kingdom book review will hold spoilers for Six of Crows ahead, but you can totally read my review on that here. Crooked Kingdom is the second in one of the best duologies I have ever read. I adore this book and the characters lives, it’s the greatest. Now is usually the part where I spring into bullet points all about how I thought things went down. BUT I’m not going to. I don’t want to accidently ruin something […]

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Six of Crows | Book Review

Overview of Six of Crows Who should read Six of Crows: Anyone who enjoyed the Grisha world Anyone who likes really badass characters. An intricate plot line with brilliant character development. A fantasy world with different classes of power. Who shouldn’t read Six of Crows: Anyone who hated the Grisha world (I would still give it a go though) If you’re not interested in morally ambiguous characters. A complex detailed plotline. A storyline not focused on romance. This book had such […]

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