The Song Rising Book Review

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The Song Rising is the third review in the series – read my first and second review first! The hotly anticipated third book in the bestselling Bone Season series – a ground-breaking, dystopian fantasy of extraordinary imagination Following a bloody battle against foes on every side, Paige Mahoney has risen to the dangerous position of […]

22nd April 2017

Miss Peregrine’s Series Review

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For some reason I thought I had done a review for all the books in the Miss Peregrine’s Series, turns out I was completely wrong. So welcome instead to my round up review of ALL the books in the Miss Peregrine’s series. I’m sure that’s what you really want. So on with the show. I […]

13th January 2017

The Silkworm Book Review

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The Silkworm is the second book in a series please make sure you check out The Cuckoo’s Calling book review first! When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, Mrs. Quine just thinks her husband has gone off by himself for a few days—as he has done […]

3rd January 2017

Half Lost Book Review

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Half Lost last instalment in the Half Bad series. If you haven’t read the other two click here for the first review and here for the second. The Alliance is losing the war, and their most critical weapon, seventeen-year-old witch Nathan Byrn, is losing his mind. Nathan’s tally of kills is rising, and yet he’s no […]

29th August 2016

Half Bad | Book Review

4 star, book reviews

Wanted by no one. Hunted by everyone. Sixteen-year-old Nathan lives in a cage: beaten, shackled, trained to kill. In a modern-day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans, Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son of the world’s most terrifying and violent witch, Marcus. Nathan’s only hope for survival is to escape […]

20th August 2016

Golden Son | Book review

4 star, book reviews

Golden Son is the sequel to one of my favourite reads this year. This review will contain spoilers for the first book, so if you haven’t read it, skip this and go and read my review for the first book here. With shades of The Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, and Game of Thrones, debut author […]

6th August 2016

Red Rising | Book Review

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“I live for the dream that my children will be born free,” she says. “That they will be what they like. That they will own the land their father gave them.” “I live for you,” I say sadly. Eo kisses my cheek. “Then you must live for more.” Darrow is a Red, a member of […]

5th August 2016