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The Savage Song Waiting on Wednesday

8th June 2016


Victoria Schwab has become one of my automatic buy authors and this The Savage Song Waiting on Wednesday will be no different (saying that I’ve  yet to buy her Archived series). I enjoy her work and the way that she forms morally grey characters and creates situations for us to question whether or not they are in the right or the wrong.

Her new work seems to be working along the same lines where our main characters have to choose whether to heroes or villains, but in the world of fiction we all know that the choice is never that simple. No doubt the lines between right and wrong will become blurred and we will question the path they are going down. It seems to be a growing theme within Victoria’s books, but hey I’m not complaining.

I’m really excited to meet the new characters and see how they begin to development and the world that they live in unfold. If it’s anything like her other books it will be well-formed and written, and I just can’t wait for jump right into it. Having two characters as opposite as the main characters seem to be can only lead to a fascinating power struggle as well as a strong dynamic.

I’m hoping for an in-depth story but without all the usual tropes that seem to surround Young Adult nowadays, and that is something that V E Schwab is known for. This book could be a next favourite on my shelf. The originality is something that I’m looking forward to and I’m hoping for.

If you haven’t read anything by Victoria Schwab or V E Schwab then really you should, her A Darker Shade of Magic series or Vicious are some of my favourite books. I recommend her books and her as an author, she writes truly remarkable books with remarkable characters and plotlines. The Savage Song Waiting on Wednesday is on my list!

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