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Half Lost Book Review

Half Lost last instalment in the Half Bad series. If you haven’t read the other two click here for the first review and here for the second. Half Lost is Nathan’s journey as he begins to deal with his grief and loss. He realises that his part to play is a lot bigger than originally thought. Overview I thought that this was once again less clear. The clarity in the story and the character’s purpose became clouded. I hated that. It ruined […]

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Half Wild | Book Review

Half Wild is the second book in the series, if you haven’t read the first then read no further as there will be spoilers coming up. Click here to read my review on Half Bad and come back after. Half Wild follows Nathan and Gabriel as they set out to rescue the damsel in distress, meeting a range of interesting characters on the way. Overall This is where everything seemed to go wrong for me. The story began to lose the […]

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Half Bad | Book Review

Overall I thought Half Bad was a great beginning to the series. The characters were interesting and the story seemed to have a strong arc going for it. I loved learning about the world and the way the politics worked within the world. It becomes really obvious the flaws in the system and it was interesting to see them develop and become a greater part of the story. Story/Plot Out of all three books, Half Bad has the strongest plot and story. […]

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