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And The Mountains Echoed | 5 star review

I don’t think there is a book that Khaled Hosseini could write that I wouldn’t love. I adore his writing and the way he builds a story around his characters. When I read anything that he’s written I feel like I’m leaving my life and entering a completely new culture. And The Mountains Echoed is no exception, I loved everything about this book, and I think it had a little bit of everything. The best bit about this book was […]

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The Girl on the Train Book Review | Blogmas Day 17

This book has been sat on my bookshelf for a little while. It was one that I wanted to get to as soon as because I didn’t want the ending to be spoiled. Plus I heard such great things about it that I wanted to jump right in without knowing a massive amount about it. The Girl on the Train has been billed as being the next Gone Girl, and I could see the similarities but in terms of quality […]

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