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I had a good month of reading, so a big November Wrap Up, it was great considering everything I had going on. I completed NaNoWriMo, which you can read about here. Plus I had a lot of family stuff happening. So this November Wrap Up was a success in my opinion.

Broken Bits

Kit Foster thought a week in the woods would be the perfect way to recover from the family scandal that shattered her world. No reporters, no gossip and no drama. Then a helicopter dumps an injured man in her path.

Mick Harris is having a bad day. It was bad enough that he botched an op, but then he awakes beaten and left for dead in the middle of a forest. He is lucky to be alive, but now he is at the mercy of Kit- the only person who knows the route home.

During the time it takes to hike back to civilization, Kit and Mick become friends and explore their growing attraction. While the way out is hampered by bad memories and an assassin, they manage to grow close enough to attempt a real relationship.

However, that bliss is short-lived when Mick’s job again threatens Kit’s life and destroys their happiness. Can a second chance bring them back together?

I was sent this book for review by the author, and I really enjoyed everything it had to offer. It was a fun book, which was a little high on the tropes. But I definitely couldn’t put it down. I wrote an entire review on my thoughts and feelings here. So go check it out.

Broken Bits has intrigue and love and all the drama so it totally deserves to be on my November Wrap Up. I will say Kit falls into the trap of being one annoying protagonist but I did find myself forgiving her for it because the book had drawn me in. There was nothing that could have happened that didn’t. It was a intense book and one that I would recommend you give a shot.

Primogénito: The Fuentes Legacy Book Review

“I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and see him standing at the foot of the bed, staring at me. Some nights I don’t think he sleeps at all.”

Ashley Preston has a problem. Her husband Nick has fallen victim to a mysterious illness, alternating between bizarre physical symptoms for which doctors cannot determine a cause and alarming personality changes which have Ashley fearing not just for Nick’s health but for her own safety as well. Desperate to save her husband, she turns to the only person she believes can help her: Damian Fuentes.

Ashley knows Damian’s family has dabbled in some kind of dark magic over the years. She also knows that when Nick was ten years old, Damian’s grandfather performed a strange ritual on him. Convinced that this ritual is at the root of her husband’s problem, Ashley begs Damian to delve into the Fuentes family’s darkest secrets in search of a cure. But Damian has spent the past five years trying to distance himself from his family and his traumatic past. Helping Ashley will mean resurrecting the long-dead ghosts of his most disturbing memories. If he saves Nick he may very well lose himself.

This was another book I was sent for review, and another that I really enjoyed. It was fast paced and there was such a draw with all the magic and different aspects I couldn’t help but completely love everything about it.

I will say that there were an awful lot of names and different characters to keep a track of and sometimes if you weren’t careful you would get confused. So just keep that in mind if you’re planning to give this book a go.

A Dance with Dragons: Dream and Dust

In the aftermath of a colossal battle, new threats are emerging from every direction.

Tyrion Lannister, having killed his father, and wrongfully accused of killing his nephew, King Joffrey, has escaped from King’s Landing with a price on his head.

To the north lies the great Wall of ice and stone – a structure only as strong as those guarding it. Eddard Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow has been elected 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. But Jon has enemies both inside and beyond the Wall.

And in the east Daenerys Targaryen struggles to hold a city built on dreams and dust

I love this series, and I am determined to read all of them before the year is out, I’m so glad I managed to get this on my November Wrap Up. So know I am one book closer to the end, which is really exciting. This book series is really intense at times, and with all the things that happen it, you are always at the edge of your seat, and I love it.

A Dance with Dragons can be slow and a little tedious at times. There are so many characters and so many places that the story can be really long winded and tedious in places. It’s the same for all the books though, so just beware.

Tainted Angel

Jericho is part angel part demon. His is a mission to overcome the dark forces from hell and cast out the devil who is trying to rule earth.
Born to an angel that visited earth and the devil in the form of a fashionable man of leisure his is a struggle between two alternate destinies as derived for him by his parents.
He battles against sulphur smelling demons which appear as normal humans but like him can metamorphose into their true forms.
His journey takes him from country to country and sees him enlist the help of Pagan Gods.
Can Jericho overcome the darkness set to rule the world? Can good win against evil or is he doomed with his tainted demonic side to fail?

This was one of the first books I’ve been sent for a review where I nearly didn’t finish it. There wasn’t really anything I enjoyed about this story. The different plot points didn’t run together and the characters had no depth.

Beware when you go into this book that there is very little in terms of plot points and development. The characters are barely worth the time, and I’m sorry I ever wasted mine and I don’t feel like it should be on my November Wrap Up.

Fallen to Grace

Azrael’s a wingless angel, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s the only one with a functioning conscience. Her bi-color eyes mark her as a moral hybrid, and when she breaks her enslavement to Manor Saffron by making a deal with a demon, she doesn’t expect to become Queen. She’ll have to survive her new royal magic, convince a legion of angels she’s worth fighting for, and find the breach in her Faustian deal, or risk a new master with horns.

I adored this book, and it was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. I’m so glad I have it in my November Wrap UpThe characters were well built and the story was complex and offered a lot considering that it wasn’t what I considered a long book.

There were moments where I thought the world could have been developed more and I was left literally wanting way more than what was given. It didn’t seem to have the problem of awfully annoying protagonist either, which is always a plus!

That wraps up my November Wrap Up in terms of reading.

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What I did IRL

I thought I would add something new in my November Wrap Up. I spent the month writing a novel, taking part in the wonderful torture of National Novel Writing Month. I’m so proud to say that I won, and I now have an incomplete novel manuscript to complete and edit. That was a huge part of my month, and it took up the most amount of time.

I had a family loss, my father-in-law sadly passed away after a short battle with cancer. It has been an awful couple of weeks, and something we’re still adjusting too.

In happier news I got a new niece and she is just perfect. All wrinkles and ten tiny fingers and toes. I didn’t think I could something oh so very much. I guess it’s just one of those things that just keeps surprising you.

Let me know what you did in November I would love to find out what you read or enjoyed this month.

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