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You may not have noticed but there is a nice new item on my menu! I have done some cataloguing of my shelves and I now have a wonderfully written list of all the books I have to read. Which in some ways is great and in others an extremely daunting prospect. I just couldn’t believe how many books are on my massive TBR.

I thought the list was the best way to keep a track of my reading and also on my book buying. I’m hoping my massive TBR has daunted me enough that my book buying will calm down and I’ll be able to catch up with them all. I also wanted to keep track of the books I’ve given away or the series I won’t be finishing.

I really loved going through my shelves and finding long-lost books that I forgot I had. I recommend doing this just to see what you have. I think I’m going to start doing it once a year and getting my massive TBR under control. I might in future use a TBR Jar and start unhauling the books I don’t want to read.

How do you manage your massive TBR? Got any techniques that could use to control my book buying?

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