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This month actually surpassed last month in terms of successful reading. So it’s a successful March Wrap Up. Not only did I finish all four books on my list I also finished another two and started a third. I had a really good feeling about this month, I read books that made me happy, and weren’t too hard hitting which was nice.

In terms of my reviews, I only reviewed Illuminae which can be found here, The Martian which is here and The Iron Trial which can be found here. But Jordann, you’ve just bragged about reading all of these extra books this month, where are those I hear you say. Well Clash of Kings and Speaker of the Dead are both sequels so it doesn’t make much sense to give them a standalone review, maybe I’ll review the whole series if I ever get around to finishing. The extra ones I read this month are part of a trilogy which I am almost finished, so I am planning to do one big roundup review of what I thought of the series as a whole. That’ll be coming really soon.

All in all this month, my favourites have to be The School of Good and Evil series and The Martian. These books gave me the right balance between tense, funny and good fun to read throughout the month, after being disappointed by some of the earlier books it was exactly what I needed.

Who knows what April will bring… Maybe my reading will fall away a little. I’m hoping not, my TBR seems to be growing by the day!

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