July 2017 Wrap Up

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I know I’m so late with my July 2017 Wrap Up but I was at the best book convention ever and then I came down with the worst cold I have had in a long time! So here it is. Better late than never!

I had an amazing month of reading this month! I read a whole load of books all in preparation for YALC (which by the way was amazing and there will be a full wrap up and book haul coming very soon!).

On with my July 2017 Wrap Up.

The One Memory of Flora Banks


I was bought this book by one of my best friends, and was promised great things. I would love to say that this book ticked all the boxes for me, but it did not. I found the majority of it repetitive and hard to get through. I thought it was a fun read but not at all realistic.

The Dark Days Club


I really didn’t like this book, I thought the main character was a complete bore! She was ridiculous to the max and there was so much blah blah in this book that I felt like skimming the vast majority. Which is awful because I hate skimming books. It’s the worst. I’m kind of sad that this is on my July 2017 Wrap Up to be honest.

The Potion Diaries and Royal Tour


This is such a fun series and I can’t wait to finish the trilogy, this was such a great addition to my July 2017 wrap up. The characters are well formed and the stories just keep getting better and better!

The Handmaid’s Tale


I was more curious about this book than anything else. I wanted to read about it seeing as the Handmaid’s movement is taking up residence on the Isle of Man as we fight for better abortion laws. I really loved the concept and the parallels┬áthat can be seen in modern culture. It was a really interesting read to add to my July 2017 wrap up.

Rebel of the Sands


Who doesn’t love a sharp shooting girl? This book seems to have everything, I adored the characters and the setting. Oh and the mythology! It was all so richly described! I can’t wait to read the sequel, I’m hoping to get to it really soon! Another addition to my never ending July 2017 wrap up.

Strange the Dreamer


This book blew me away! The characters were rich and the backstory and development was so nicely done. I loved the whole way this book was constructed, it was so wonderful, the two separate but not separate storylines. I just loved it all. So happy it made it onto my July 2017 wrap up!

Odd and True


This was a free arc we got whilst at YALC and it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t and I’m not too sure on the writing – it doesn’t do an awful lot for me to be honest. However I think it’s an interesting technique and there was some serious potential but I struggled with the style.


I listened to quite few a books this month and some of them were a real find. I always do this, fall in and out of love with audiobooks. Suppose I must have loved them this month.

Still Alice


I adored this book, it was one of my favourites of July! I definitely think this is a book made for audiobook, hearing the deterioration was completely immersive. I totally recommend listening to this book, it blew me away and I’m so happy to have it on my July 2017 wrap up.

Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones


These books are like my happy place. I adored the characters and the way they all fit together and challenge the crazy stereotypes. I just don’t have the word possible for how great these books are and how they turn out! Great listen for July and great addition to my July 2017 wrap up.

The Star-Touched Queen


The last book on my July 2017 wrap up and I have to say the mythology and characters in this book was one of my favourites. I love the depth this book went into and the different worlds and cultures we were able to explore, it was one of the best part of the books.


I have had such a great month – the majority of it was spent getting ready for YALC and that was a joy. Then I got to spend a week in London with my best friends – I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the month. I’ll be doing a series of posts all about YALC including a book haul and a rundown of our time there! It’s very exciting, so keep an eye out for that!*

*I won’t be doing a August TBR this month, purely because I’m not sure what I want to read, I’m kind of overwhelmed with the amount of books I have to read at the moment!

What did you do in July? Anything exciting? Did you manage to get all the books you wanted to read read? Let me know

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