February Wrap Up | A complete stink of failure!

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This is not a happy wrap-up. Not a happy wrap up at all. My February Wrap Up contains the stink of failure and it stinks quite badly. I have fallen off the wagon, the reading wagon and stumbled through this month with the pages closed. That said, I still completed my book from the 2018 books I need to read, and managed another. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I am currently 2 books behind schedule on Goodreads. Should we just get the embarrassment of my February Wrap Up out of the way?

The Name of the Wind

This was the one book that I HAD to read this month, and it was the right choice to have started reading it first. I loved this story and all the intricacies that came along with it. I’m going to buy the sequel for my trip to Florida, to read on the plane and around the pool if we take time out from the parks.

Call the Midwife

This was a long-neglected book that had sat on my shelf for so long. I am so happy to have finally gotten to it and be able to add it to my February Wrap Up. It was such a raw and honest account of everything that had happened in the East End and I really enjoyed learning about them. I was super shocked to find that some of the things they struggled with, we still struggle with now.


The Big Four

This was the one audiobook I got finished with this month, and then I fell off the wagon a little. I stopped listening to them at the gym and haven’t had the time to listen to them at work. BUT I did get to finish this one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the outrageousness of it all and the way that everything ended up being tied together, maybe one of my favourite Poirot mysteries.

Currently Reading

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

I heard about how great this book was from one of my best friends and I couldn’t wait to get into it. I had heard that it’s one that you have to concentrate on, and boy is that true. I couldn’t wait to dive into it, but I have struggled to make the time for the story, so I’m hoping to have more time on my hands this coming month to dedicate to it!


This month has been tough, I have been sick and struggling with being too tired to do anything. Plus I have had my assignment to try and get on top off, which I have also failed at but that’s been and will be my main priority over the next couple of weeks. I am in full planning mode for our honeymoon! ETA 50 days away, I am hoping to do a blog post REALLY soon about everything we plan to do and why. Also I rekindled my love for fanfiction this month which you can read about here.

That was it for my month, pretty quiet and uneventful to be honest, but that’s how I like them!

How was your February TBR? Did you hit all of your targets? Read all the books you wanted? Let me know in the comments!

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