February 2017 TBR

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February already? You blink and January was gone. I had an awesome month of reading last month and I’m hoping to keep up reading trend in my February 2017 TBR. I don’t have any pressing reads but there are some on here that I really want to get to. It’s been long enough.

On with my February 2017 TBR.

A Series of Unfortunate Events 7, 8 & 9

That’s right I want to carry on my marathon reread of the series. I love these books they are well written and genuinely make me laugh and smile. I enjoy the plot twists and turns and if you haven’t read part one and part two of my mini reviews you really should. Like right now.

The Light Fantastic

This one is in my February 2017 TBR because of my personal reading goal for 2017. I read The Colour of Magic last month and it wasn’t quite my cuppa tea so we will see whether the series improves before the year is out. I’m pretty sure this is a straight continuation of The Colour of Magic so it’ll be interesting to see where the characters end up next. It’s one to watch. I’m hoping to enjoy it more, it’s not been a good start to the series otherwise.

Equal Rites

Another of the Discworld series. I’m going to have to start reading more than one a month if I’m going to reach my goal of 25. I am willing to bet money that this is a separate story to Rincewind and I’m excited to find out more about the world and the different kinds of people who live there.

Chest of Bone

I requested this one of Netgalley and I have to say the cover and description really won me over. I’m hoping to get to it as soon as I can. I might even start reading this one before the Terry Pratchett. Who knows but I love finding new books and experiencing something new and exciting. I think it makes you a better reader and person.

The Song of the Stork

Another one of Netgalley finds, I love historical fiction, in fact, it’s one of my favourite genres of all time and I’m excited to be reading this one! The description of the story really drew me in, I’m a sucker for WWII drama and this one has a romantic element in it (I’m guessing) so what more could a person want?

So that’s a huge TBR for me, I usually only commit to maybe four books, but for some reason, I’m super excited about reading this month. Fingers crossed that I love all these books and the reading keeps going!

What are you reading this month? Have any of the titles above spurred you into action? Let me know in the comments below

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