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This was a really hard one, and one that I had to think long and hard about if I’m honest. I wasn’t sure what constituted as a bookish site, so if you disagree with some of my links below then please leave me a comment because I love good old fashioned debate!


How could I have a list about book websites and not mention the god itself? Goodreads is my place to record the books I’m reading, rate them and review them (something I’m trying to get better at as time goes on). It’s also really great for me to find other books that might interest me, so it’s a great website. 


Now I’m not sure whether this one counts as being a bookish site, but it’s where I try to do most of my blog reading. I love finding new blog posts and blogs to follow on there and plus it’s super easy to flit back and forth between blog posts. 

Book Depository

This is my favourite place to order books from, I love the fact that they ship worldwide and also that most of the books are cheaper than my local Waterstones. As someone who buys too many books the need to make even the smallest saving is important. 

Paper Fury

This is a book blog that I have followed for a long time and I love the humour in each of the blog posts, it almost makes me feel like I’m conversing with a friend. Her posts are really well written, reviewing and talking about writing. I just really like this blog. 

Bookshelf Fantasies

I have linked the book blog meme directory specifically because that’s what first drew me into the blog. But I love the blog and all the postings on it. Her book reviews are wonderfully detailed and you should definitely check them out!

I’m actually going to leave my list here, I have had a busy weekend with it being my 2 year anniversary and I know there are other blogs and websites I could mention but my brain just won’t work! So hopefully the five above will be good enough!

Recommend me some blogs or some of your own blog posts! I would love to read some of the posts you’re really proud off!


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10 responses to “Favourite book blogs/book sites | Top Ten Tuesday #8

  1. Great list! I found Bookshelf Fantasies through the book blog meme list as well! 😉 I love Paper Fury and Book Depository as well, also because I can get the UK editions of books here in the US for a reasonable price. 🙂