Deserted island?? | Book Blogger Hop #3

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I stumbled across The Book Blogger Hop – I’m trying to become more active not only posting on my blog but also within the book blogger community – and this is my third go and we’re talking about deserted islands and books.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, which ONE book could you not live without? (submitted by Megan @ Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest)

This is so hard to even think about, I definitely think it’s preprogrammed into a bookaholic that they will become hoarders and indecisive beings. This question is really hard in the sense that it rules out all my series, because no one wants to read the same book over and over and still have the same cliffhanger, and some of my all-time favourite books are a part of series. It’s a hard question.

After a lot of deliberation, I have decided to pack All the Light We Cannot See with me, purely because of the beautiful writing and the subject matter I think it’s something I would be able to read over and over again and get something new out of it each time! Plus it’s a long book so I’ll be able to drag it out if I need to!

If you haven’t read All The Light We Cannot See I would definitely recommend it. The writing is well done and the situation dealt with in a respectful and sensitive manner. I really loved this book when I read it, so much so that I have added it to my reread list!

Have you read All The Light We Cannot See? Which book would you take on a deserted island?


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3 responses to “Deserted island?? | Book Blogger Hop #3

  1. This book has been sitting on my shelf for nearly 3 years so I think it’s proper time I finally read it! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things😊