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One Year Penny the Puppy Update

It is exactly one year since our wonderful puppy Penny made her way into our lives and what a year it has been, I’m not even sure I have the words to describe how much of a roller coaster it has been! We have had some really lovely moments and some really crappy moments as well, it all comes from having rescue dogs. She has issues that a puppy who had the support of siblings and a mother wouldn’t have, […]

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Six Months of Rescue Puppy Madness

We have had our lovely Penny puppy for a whole six months today, which is crazy! I can’t believe how big our little rescue puppy has gotten and how much work she has created for us. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. But with all the work and pain, there is so much joy and love from her that it’s all completely worth it. She has opened up to trust us and be a part of our lives and it makes my heart […]

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Meet Our Puppy Penny!

I have a huge announcement, we got a puppy. She’s 19 weeks, and her name is Penny. We’ve only had her for 11 days so we’re still figuring things out in terms of potty training and the basics but she is learning fast. We think she’s a Husky crossed with a Alsatian. We could be wrong, we have no history unfortunately, and that’s where the sad part of this story kicks in. Penny was abandoned in Spain, on the side […]

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