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The Disney Honeymoon | Disney Plan & more

By the time your reading this, I will be sat on the boat and the Disney honeymoon will be underway. Feel sorry for my poor husband, I doubt I will be bearable company on the two and half hour boat journey. We decided to have a belated honeymoon and have been waiting 18 months for our countdown to be over – you can read my original post about our honeymoon here. I thought I should do an updated post on […]

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Our Honeymoon Plans

Yes I know I’m a book blogger and talking about my long awaited honeymoon doesn’t even come close to being book related BUT I’m too excited to keep it bottled in for much longer. I have to talk about it – our honeymoon plans, I just have too, so if you’re looking for something bookish, come back next week. If you wanna hear about the wondrous things I have planned then stick around because you’re mind is about to be […]

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