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Top 5 Distractions for my Reading

Reading can be a difficult past time especially when everything else can be way more excited. I struggle with prioritising my reading. No scrap that! I just love tele and everything else on this list. Reading is never a chore, and it never will be. So I made a list of all the things that keep me from reading. I had to narrow it down to five, and I picked the most interesting. Television By television I mean the mother […]

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How to get through a reading slump

Reading slumps are the worst and they can really make reading seem like the worst hobby in the world. I’ve struggled with reading slumps caused by books that were awful, from the pressures I put on myself to finish even the worst of books, and from books that were too good to get over. More often called a book hangover. I thought it would be a nice blog post to write how I get over my reading slumps and book […]

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