My YALC 2017 Book Haul

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Welcome to my YALC 2017 book haul. If you didn’t already know I spent an entire week at YALC in London and spent WAY too much money. I did a whole roundup in my last blog post – so you should definitely check that out here! Seeing as it was a book event and I […]

20th August 2017

My Big Book Haul

book hauls

I can’t believe that I have bought enough book recently to warrant another big book haul. It seems like only a little while ago when I spent all that money in Dublin on books. I think I have a problem – someone send help. Or not because I LOVE a big book haul. Maybe I’m […]

7th November 2016

Book Haul | Ireland Edition | Part 2

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Following on from my book haul part one we spent a short amount of time in Dublin. It was almost coming round full circle. We were gifted a night at The Gresham Hotel as an engagement gift, so it seemed right for us to go back for just after our wedding. Anyway, onto the books. […]

22nd August 2016

Book Haul from Ireland Part 1

book hauls

We got married, in fact we have been married for almost a week, which is a crazy thought. There will be a blog post all about our big day but I’m waiting on a few photos and videos from different people. But before that there is a book haul from Ireland. Right now we’re relaxing […]

18th August 2016

Birthday Book Haul Part 2

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I recently turned 23 and a birthday is a good enough reason to have a birthday book haul part 2! So let’s have a look at all the books I managed to lay my hands on! Stand-a-lone books Rebel of the Sands This was a cover buy pure and simple. I couldn’t even tell you […]

10th June 2016

Birthday Book Haul Part 1

book hauls

It was my birthday! I turned 23 and bought myself a whole load of books, so many in fact I had to split this post into two parts! Welcome to Birthday Book Haul Part 1. I bought the books based on a lot of things, some of them are sequels and some of them are […]

3rd June 2016

My big book haul

book hauls

This past weekend I was privileged to go to the Trafford Centre with three of my favourite people in the world. We all went down for Lisa’s birthday and let’s just say by the time we were done, bank balances were broken and our feet were aching. I thought it would be a cool blog […]

19th March 2016