Books with Sensory Reading Memories | Top Ten Tuesday #5

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I love this topic, there are so many books I associate with different places and different memories. I think it’s going to be cool to look through my books and the memories associated with it! Almost all of the books on this list have no review associated just because they are SO old that they were read way before I even knew what blogging was!

Books with Sensory Reading Memories (These are the books that are linked to very specific memories for you: where you were, what time of year it was, who you were with, what you were eating, what you were feeling, what you were seeing, etc. Ideas include books you read while on vacation, books that you read while you were eating, books you read at work/at a family or social event/on the train or plane, books you’ve buddy read with loved ones, books you read during an emotional time in your life, books you read by the fire, etc.) (Submitted by Jessica @ A Cocoon of Books)

Goodnight Mister Tom

This book holds a special place in my heart, not only is it a great read if you haven’t read it before but it was the book that I took on my first trip away from home and my mum placed a note in the inside telling me how much she loved me. Something I knew nothing about until I got there. Little ten year old me was very happy to know everyone was missing me.

The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear

Captain Bluebear never fails to remind me of my best friend and her bedroom and the many times she has allowed me to crash on the floor before a big trip! I only know about this book because of her and I adore it. She has such great taste in quirky books that no one has heard off!

Harry Potter

It wouldn’t be a nostalgia-fueled list without mentioning the Boy Who Lived. I have so many memories of these books, it almost makes me cry about how much I genuinely love this series and how much happened whilst I was reading. I think the memory that sticks with me the most is receiving the third book as a birthday present and not realising the magnitude of what had just happened.

Dragonfly in Amber

I took this book with me for you honeymoon so now when I think about the story, I envision sitting on a sunlounger in Typhoon Lagoon in the sun surrounded by one of the best places in the world. I love this series and cannot wait to carry on the series.

The Enchanted Wood

This and the Famous Five hold a special place in my heart for different reason hence the separation. The Enchanted Wood was my first look into the world of fantasy. It was my first experience where I was reading about a world that wasn’t like my own and I fell in love hard and fast, and never looked back. I think the memory associated with this book would definitely be picking it down off my window sill and reading another one of the stories over and over again with a torch so I didn’t wake my little sister.

The Famous Five

I think this is the first series that I seriously remember collecting and being excited about. I remember going into bookshops with my mum and buying the next one in the series. I also remember the sense of achievement I felt when I had finished the entire series. I have never revisited the books but it’s something I may have too. They were a HUGE part of my childhood.

The Iron Trial

I HATED this book, like seriously didn’t enjoy it, which I wasn’t massively surprised at. I’m not the biggest Cassandra Clare fan, in fact I pretty much hated The Mortal Instruments but the memory I have associated with this book is the weekend away with the girls to the Trafford Centre and I remember reading the worst bits out and having a laugh.


I think Cinder will always hold a special place in my heart because it was after a reread of this book that “the book blog life” came alive, it was one of the first series I ever reviewed on here and I always remember it being a post that I was really proud off – not sure I would say that right now. But it’s a very sentimental book.

The Illustrated Harry Potter

Not only are these books beautiful but they remind me of my husband, who by the way is not a reader who isn’t even a huge fan of books but he goes out of his way to make sure I have a copy of the new illustrated book for my collection. I can’t help but look at those books and not feel an overwhelming wave of love.

The Letter for the King

Another one that reminds me of one of my best friends. This book is a book that’s beautiful inside and out. Plus I have the added bonus of when I look at it being reminded of my wonderful friend which always makes me smile.

These lists always make me want to reread EVERYTHING, like right now I wanna go back and reread the entire Harry Potter series… maybe I will! Let me know where to find your list!


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