Book Reviews | Book Blogger Hop #10

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I stumbled across The Book Blogger Hop – I’m trying to become more active not only posting on my blog but also within the book blogger community – and this week we’re talking about book reviews and where we post them.

Where do you post your reviews besides your blog? Please list them all so perhaps we can find some new sites. (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

I think my answer to this is going to be incredibly boring. I only really post my reviews on here and on Goodreads. The only exception to this is when I read something for Netgalley and have to post a review there. I don’t know whether I would be comfortable posting my reviews elsewhere purely because I am extremely honest in my thoughts of the books and wouldn’t want to have to dampen that to post elsewhere. 

My favourite place to read reviews is Goodreads, people get oh so passionate about the books they have read and it’s something I love to spend my time reading.

So although this isn’t a massively exciting answer I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Am I missing something? Is there somewhere else I should be posting my reviews? Let me know in the comments!


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3 responses to “Book Reviews | Book Blogger Hop #10

  1. I am just starting to post on my blog and Goodreads. But I love posting reviews on Instagram and following up with IG stories to go more in-depth. And like you I appreciate how passionate the reviews on Goodreads are and love reading them!cutally,