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I stumbled across The Book Blogger Hop – I’m trying to become more active not only posting on my blog but also within the book blogger community – and this week we’re talking about authors we avoid.

What author do you not read and why? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

I think the only authors I really avoid are those who I have fundamental issues with, and the few that are coming to my head are authors that have offended me or their books that have caused me to have serious concerns about what I’m reading. The most prominent ones would have to be:

Cassandra Clare

The way this woman got famous using a fanfiction and other people’s work, plus the way she interacts with fans is just awful. I definitely think there are better people out there and she is not one of them!

Stephenie Meyer

This is one where the books in my opinion are flawed and especially as they are targeted towards young teenage girls. I think the narrative that has been pushed that Edward is the be all and end all of Bella’s life is wrong and something that should be fundamentally challenged.

E. L. James

I suppose this is a follow on from Twilight. These books turned a borderline abusive relationship and turned it up a notch. Again the way this author deals with criticism makes me cringe so I refuse to give her any money whatsoever!

Which authors do you avoid buying from? Let me know!


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