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August Wrap Up

1st September 2016

August has been a slow month for reading. Only managed 4 and a half books, but I did get married, so there’s that. I can’t see my August Wrap Up being overly long this month. So sorry about that, but did I mention that I got married?? Actually married. As in husband and wife.

On with my August Wrap Up before you get bored of me.

Half Bad Series

Half Bad follows Nathan, a Half Code witch who has to live in a world dominated by White witches who despise anything Black.

I have to say this series started off extremely well and I thought I would be happy kicking my August wrap up with it. However it quickly deteriorated. The first, amazing, thought it would be my favourite series. Second, not quite so good, enjoyable but nothing to be too excited for. Third, wanted to shoot myself in the head halfway through.

It wasn’t a successful series for me. You can’t win them all I suppose.

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The Shack

The Shack is the last book in my August Wrap Up and it was the one I was least likely to read. The story follows Mackenzie as he struggles with his relationship with God after his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. He meets God in the shack where it happened.

I thought this book was interesting, not really being interested in religion I was looking in from the outside so to speak. It is quite a dense book so bear that in mind when you begin reading. Some parts are really slow going but the viewpoints and perspectives are really interesting and for that reason alone I enjoyed it.

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That is the end of my August Wrap Up. Short but sweet. I am in the middle of reading A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold which I’m really enjoying it, so that will be the first book in my tbr next month so look out for that!

Let me know what you think about all these books? Did you enjoy them as much as I did?

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