August 2017 Wrap Up

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My August 2017 Wrap Up was a good month for reading once again. I read a good number of books, most of them were to do with YALC 2017 but I’m not complaining. I’ve read some really great books this month and found some new favourites.

I am so behind on all my reviews so I’ve not gotten around to writing all of them yet! It’s a work in progress, coming on slowly but surely.

On with my August 2017 Wrap Up!

Water in May


This was a free arc that was being given out at YALC 2017, and I have to say it was a little bit of a disappointment if I’m completely honest. I didn’t know what I was expecting but this was something that was undeveloped and I struggled to bridge a relationship with any of the characters.

Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power


I think this is one of my favourites on my August 2017 Wrap Up, I adored how fun the whole set up was. The story was simplistic, the only thing I wished for was more distinguished characters. I found it hard sometimes to keep a track of who was who.

Going Viral


The final book in The Potion Diaries and I loved the story and how all the relationships ended. It was great to see all the characters and how they ended up together. It was a great finale, and there was so much development, I loved every moment of it, a great addition to my August 2017 Wrap Up.

The Warrior Heir


I had wanted to read this book for a very long time but it was completely different to what I expected and I don’t know whether that was a good thing. I found it really hard to make a connection with the main character and the ending was a little more than expected. I’m glad I got to add it to my August 2017 Wrap Up, whether I will carry on the series, that’s something else.

The Summoning and The Awakening


This is a series that has been sat on my shelf for SO long and I thought it was about time I started to read them. It’s one of those that I wasn’t sure I was going to love, but I found the concept interesting. I’m not sure it will become my favourite but for a late addition to my August 2017 Wrap Up, it was an okay read.


I have had a pretty crappy month, I’ve had a round of illness, a cold that wouldn’t let up, and then I got hit with a kidney infection so reading and writing has been put on the back burner. I am SO behind in my reviews, I’m trying to catch up, so that’s my aim for September!

What did you read in August? Anything good? Or anything I should avoid? Let me know in the comments!

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