April Wrap Up

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An other great reading month for me. In my April Wrap Up, I read all of the books on my list as well as diving in to two others. I enjoyed the books I’ve read this month but they definitely weren’t my favourite.

Firstly in my April Wrap Up, I finished The School for Good and Evil series, which I reviewed here. This was the last book in the series, I thought it was a nice conclusion to a nice series. Everything seems to fall into place at the end, in true fairytale fashion.

Then I read the entire Study Series, which I enjoyed but didn’t love. I did a whole wrap up of the series here and you can read all about my frustrations with the plot and the characters.

So that marked the end of what I planned to read in the month of April which was great, and I was able to start reading some more of the books on my TBR. The first was A Storm of Swords: Part One which is the first part of the third book in The Song of Ice and Fire. I really enjoy these book and I always find that whenever I read these I’m totally re-immersed into the plot and the worlds.

I am now currently reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, and I’m so sad to say that it’s just not living up to what I expected, in fact I’m finding it really had to get through. Maybe it’ll pick up. I’m 200 pages through and I’m not holding my breath to be honest. There would have to be a complete switch, and I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

Bring on May.

Let me know what you read this month and if there was anything I would really enjoy! I’m always looking out for more books to read and buy!

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