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A Shadow Bright and Burning

This is becoming a weekly trend, or so it seems. Scrolling through Goodreads I managed to find another book that took my fancy. It sounded like a Shatter Me kind of vibe, not that I ever finished that series. A Shadow Bright and Burning follows a young girl who can set herself on fire, and instead of being executed she is sent to train with the royal sorcerers. I loved the idea of someone unleashing their power and being trained how to use it. Once again the main character is female which is another pull for me, I can’t seem to get enough of strong women as lead characters.

I get a Throne of Glass vibe when reading the description if I’m totally honest and that had me hooked. A young girl thrown into somewhere she doesn’t belong and at her enemies’ hands, sounds very familiar. From what I can tell though is that’s where the similarities end. I think this will be more of a coming of age and learning something about ourselves story, and I am really looking forward to being able to dive into the monsters and the mayhem

Can we please talk about the cover? Because boy is it another winner. I love the colours and the way it all compliments each other. If I hadn’t have heard of it before I would have definitely picked it up anyway. It’s stunning, one of the best designs I’ve seen. The colours remind me of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Not exactly the same but something reminiscent. Either way I love it! Definitely a pretty addition to the bookshelves.

I have to hand it to Goodreads, they are handing me real finds this past couple of weeks. I love finding new books to love and look forward to and now I can add to the list. Not that I should.

Have you found any decent books recently through Goodreads? Let me know in the comments!



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