The Twisted Tree Book Review

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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Twisted Tree Book ReviewThe Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge
Genres: YA
Source: Netgalley
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Part ghost story, part Nordic thriller - this is a twisty, tense and spooky YA debut, perfect for fans of CORALINE and Michelle Paver.

Martha can tell things about a person just by touching their clothes, as if their emotions and memories have been absorbed into the material. It started the day she fell from the tree at her grandma's cabin and became blind in one eye.

Determined to understand her strange ability, Martha sets off to visit her grandmother, Mormor - only to discover Mormor is dead, a peculiar boy is in her cabin and a terrifying creature is on the loose.

Then the spinning wheel starts creaking, books move around and terror creeps in . . .

Set in the remote snows of contemporary Norway, THE TWISTED TREE is a ghost story that twists and turns - and never takes you quite where you'd expect.

I was approved for The Twisted Tree on Netgalley, and I loved this book from start to maybe the last chapter. The ending, however, wasn’t for me and I thought that it was anti-climatic and it didn’t really do the rest of the book justice. I will say that there is a perfect mix of thrilling action and Norse mythology. I loved the way that everything happens. My heart breaks for the characters and the situation that they find themselves in, but it’s a huge reminder that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Especially when it comes to people in your life.

I think what made The Twisted Tree particularly good in my opinion was the use of Norse mythology all the way through the plot and the story. It really made a difference that it wasn’t a normal book with something scary outside that it was actually based off something in mythology. That in itself made the suspense and the thrill in this book all the better, I was actually nervous for the characters at certain points! I also think that without it, the book would have fallen flat and into the trap of being a trope-filled YA novel.

I have to mention the characters briefly, I have to say I thought the relationships weren’t massively developed and a little rushed. But I did really like the characters by themselves I thought they were intriguing on their own and I would have liked to see that developed more throughout This Twisted Tree.

So talking about tropes I do feel that there were some things in this book that were too easily resolved and some things became a trope. I wouldn’t say that they ruined the book but I was a little disappointed in the way the story went and how quickly they progressed. I would have loved for the ending to have more issues and to not be quite so neatly tied up in a bow. The Twisted Tree could have had such a better ending, I felt that there were so many questions left unanswered but not in a good way. I suppose that would be my only complaint.

If you are looking for a book that has a lot of suspense but also a lot of different plot points then this is definitely a book you should check out! I think there is definitely something really unique about the way this story is told and I haven’t read an awful lot of books like The Twisted Tree. It will definitely be on my recommendations for an interesting read!

Does The Twisted Tree sound like the type of book you would like to read? Let me know in the comments.

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