Books I Need to Read in 2019 | Blogmas #10

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I did this last year and it worked really well I ended up reading a lot of books that I wouldn’t have thought of reading and they would have been still sat on my shelf. That’s not to say all the books I read were good, in actual fact some of them were automatic unhauls because I really didn’t enjoy the book or couldn’t get into the story. BUT I thought it was a great way to push me to read all the books. So it’s going to be the same rules as last year, with one small change to the amount of pages that I need to read before DNF:

  1. If the book is the first in a series, only the first has to be read.
  2. The first 100  50 pages have to be read before declaring it a DNF
  3. A book that needs to be read should feature in each month’s TBR.
  4. Any books that aren’t read by the end of the year will be unhauled.

So there’s my list. There are quite a few books from YALC on my list purely because I buy all the books and then I never read them! So here’s my chance!

Let me know which books you’d be excited to read next year! I’m actually really excited for my reading in 2019

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