Audiobooks – A Review | Blogmas #17

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This has been the year for audiobooks for me. At the end of 2017 I set myself the goal of reading some of the Poirot books, and I loved the narrator of them SO much I decided to listen to the vast majority. Now I will come clean and say that I didn’t manage to listen to them all and I have fallen off the bandwagon in the last couple of month due to work being absolutely crazy! I thought that seeing as we’re at the back end of the year it would be good to review whether I’m still using Audible and whether I will be in the new year.

The simple answer is yes. I will still have my Audible account in the new year. I love being able to buy an audiobook each month without having the buyer guilt or remorse. It’s also great to get the audiobooks at a considerable discount, so I will definitely be keeping the account. Plus it’s a big motivator to actual get listening to the books! What might change is I might start borrowing more books from the library and save my credits for books that aren’t available to borrow. Plus this all ties into the Library Love challenge that is part of my reading goals for 2019

What will be staying the same will be the focus on the Poirot novels. I love listening to them and I am really loving the series in general. They’re great mysteries and I have never guessed who the murderer is in any of the books I’ve listened to so that’s always a plus. 

Onto the books I have actually listened to in 2018:

So there’s my year in audiobooks. I’m so happy I got through as many as I did and I’m so looking forward to continue on in the new year. I love the freedom that audiobooks give me when I’m out and about. So it’s sure to be a winner in the new year!

Are you an audiobook lover? Let me know what you’re favourites are, I would love some more recommendations!

4 responses to “Audiobooks – A Review | Blogmas #17

  1. I’ve listened to a TON of audio, and yet I’ve never ventured into Agatha Christie territory. I must remedy that! Especially if they’re not predictable, i.e. I tend to guess the ending a lot these days and it makes a lot of books less enjoyable. 🙁