The Silver Queen | 4.5 star review

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I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Silver Queen | 4.5 star reviewThe Silver Queen by Josie Jaffrey
Series: Sovereign #2
Published by Josie Jaffrey on 17th October 2018
Genres: YA
Pages: 303
Source: the author
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The last city on Earth is contaminated. Now blood is the only thing that can wash it clean.

Julia is trapped inside the Blue as the Nobles fight over the few humans who are still alive. When the dust settles and she finds herself shackled to a new master, she knows she must escape or die.

Meanwhile, Cam has gathered a handful of comrades and is on his way into the Red to rescue his queen. But not all of his friends can be trusted, and not all of them will make it back alive.

The Silver Queen is the second book in Josie Jaffrey’s Sovereign trilogy, set in a dystopian Europe where vampiric Nobles control the last remnants of the human race.

The Silver Queen is the sequel to The Gilded King which is a book I was raving about back in June. I was unbelievably happy to be able to read and review this book ahead of its release date. I think this series is going to become one of my favourites very quickly. I had mentioned in my weekly update that I wasn’t as sure on this one as I was the previous, but I think that was my own expectations getting in the way. I will say that there were some moments in this book where I would have loved more.

I think first off I loved the action scenes throughout this book, there were some really great moments and I definitely thought that it brought the mythology of vampires back to where I think they have always been. I also The Silver Queen banished any misconceptions about these vampires being civilised and less animalistic, which I absolutely loved! I thought it was a brilliant way of showing a completely new side to the world and the creatures that lived there. I also loved that Julia was trying to figure out her place in this new world and what that meant for her. It was all really well done and well written.

I suppose I have to talk about the bits that I wasn’t too sure about. I think with The Silver Queen my expectations got in the way a little and I just wanted a little bit more. For example, the Queen herself, and I don’t want to give too much away but I wanted a little bit more explanation and maybe dare I say it a little more drama. Same with Julia and Lucas I just wanted a little more fire, but then I’m a huge drama queen who wants a lot! So the “problems” I had with this book weren’t really problems, just me wanting more of the story and the book.

Overall I think The Silver Queen was a good sequel to The Gilded King and I cannot wait to see what the third book entails! If it’s anything like the first two it will be out of this world! I would recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a vampire story with a twist!

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