DayOctober 9, 2018

A Clockwork Orange | 4 star review

A Clockwork Orange was a book that was on my 2018 must-read books list, and I chose it for the month of October because I had heard about how creepy it was and how awful the violence in the book is. Now please don’t misunderstand me when I say I was underwhelmed, the violence in this book is some of the worst, but I don’t know whether I have been desensitised to violence but I wasn’t massively shocked with it. […]

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Longest Books I’ve Read | Top Ten Tuesday #16

I love reading a good old tome! Especially if the stories and the characters are well developed and some of my favourite. I think the best thing about reading a long book is that it doesn’t seem to end, and you can spend SO much time in the world. It’s even better when its a series of long books because you get to spend even more time with the characters and the world.  I have to say the majority of […]

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