Books & Happiness | Book Blogger Hop #8

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I stumbled across The Book Blogger Hop – I’m trying to become more active not only posting on my blog but also within the book blogger community – and this week we’re talking about sitting down with a book.

Can you say this about yourself? Nothing makes me happier than sitting down with a good book. (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

I don’t know whether sitting down with a book is the happiest moment for me, it is usually the most relaxing thing for me to do. I also know that weekends, where I can afford the extra time for reading, are usually the ones where I am the most rested. For me sitting down with a book feels like coming home and it something cosy for me to do on my own and to relax. That isn’t to say it doesn’t make me happy because it most certainly does, but happiness isn’t necessarily the word I would describe sitting down with a book, only because it’s become more complex than that.

Hope this revelation doesn’t make me any less of a bookworm. But my happy moments on a daily basis? Things like a surprise hug or kiss from the hubby, sitting and having snuggles with the pupper, or enjoying a good laugh about something with my family. My life is filled with love and happiness, and books have their own place but they aren’t the centre of it as they used to be, and I count myself lucky every single day for everything I have.

Do you agree? Or should books as a book blogger be the be all and end all? Let me know in the comments!

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