The Book Knights book review

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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Book Knights book reviewThe Book Knights by J.G. McKenney
on 5th July 2017
Genres: YA, Fantasy
Source: Netgalley
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When her parents are condemned to death by Morgan Fay for the crime of reading, Arti Penderhagen becomes a fugitive. Hunted by Mordred, the sadistic police captain who recites poetry to enhance his physical strength, Arti escapes to the Isle of Avalon, a sanctuary for outlaws. There she meets an old librarian named Merl who tells her about the Grail Tome, an ancient book in Morgan Fay's possession that can alter the course of history. Can Arti steal the book in time to save her family?

THE BOOK KNIGHTS is an Arthurian YA fantasy adventure in which knights wield words as weapons, librarians are wizards, and books can change the future.

The Book Knights really intrigued me both with the description and the cover. I loved the idea of having a gender-swapped Arthurian tale, especially with it being set in a dystopian world where reading is banned. I enjoy reading about what would happen if the world stopped reading one day, and the results are usually not pleasant. So when I read about the world in which this story is set, I had high expectations for the book and characters. I do have to say that somewhere along the line it began to fall a little flat, and I found some of it to be rushed.

I think the world building in this book was a little rushed and I would have loved to found out more about the world and why things were the way they were. I thought that was a little lacking, and I had so many questions about the motives. I just wished there had been more development of the characters and the story surrounding them, it would have been great to hear more about the way the characters felt about the way things were happening, and for the timing to be a little less rushed. I think it would have taken this book to the next level, but saying this I really enjoyed the storyline without the development.

My favourite character was definitely Gal, I am always drawn to the spunky little characters and I loved the way she treated Arti, especially when she was teaching her how to survive on the streets. I think this was her shining moment, and there were moments where you almost forgot how young she was and then there were sparkling bits of dialogue where her age shone through. I loved that part about her! She definitely made the book all the better, and I’m really glad she had her shining moment in the end.

I definitely think I would recommend this book, but maybe to a younger audience. The Book Knights is a book that really enjoyed, but it just wasn’t long enough or developed enough to warrant more than three stars. It’s a shame but I think it would be much better suited to either a younger audience or someone wanting a lighter read.

Have you read The Book Knights? Did you enjoy the gender swap? Let me know in the comments!

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