Peril at End House | 4 star review

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Peril at End House | 4 star reviewPeril at End House by Agatha Christie
Series: Hercule Poirot #8
Published by William Morrow Paperbacks on 17th March 2009
Genres: Crime
Pages: 224
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Hercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast when he meets Nick Buckly. Nick is the young and reckless mistress of End House, an imposing structure perched on the rocky cliffs of St. Loo.

Poirot has taken a particular interest in the young woman who has recently narrowly escaped a series of life-threatening accidents. Something tells the Belgian sleuth that these so-called accidents are more than just mere coincidences or a spate of bad luck. It seems all too clear to him that someone is trying to do away with poor Nick, but who? And, what is the motive? In his quest for answers, Poirot must delve into the dark history of End House. The deeper he gets into his investigation, the more certain he is that the killer will soon strike again. And, this time, Nick may not escape with her life.

I hope you didn’t mind the long hiatus too much, I was away on my Honeymoon! I wasn’t as organised as I wanted to be and I ended up leaving my laptop at home, so blogging ended up being a no go whilst I was away. I thought I would kick my blog back off with one of the book reviews that was supposed to be written and scheduled to go live whilst I was away. Peril at End House was another audiobook that I listened to ahead of the Honeymoon, there was that huge rush to get all the Poirot books up to Murder on the Orient Express listened to before I got on the plane. I wanted to watch the new film but couldn’t without experiencing the novel first. I have to say I haven’t been disappointed by a Poirot novel yet and I especially enjoyed this one. I think the main character, Nick Buckley really shines through in this one.

This book definitely shows the transitioning times, and how the world around Poirot and Hastings were changing. It made the book have something more to hold onto, the conflicting way that the characters reacted to one another. It all added to the sense of drama and mystique as always. I think as well, this book brought something more human to Poirot, we see him in previous books to be sympathetic and scolding himself but it always comes across as an extension of the infamous ego, as a response to not getting the correct answer fast enough. Peril at End House, I felt, was different. The way he reacted to certain events, which I won’t spoil really showed a different and more sensitive side to the famous detective, finally showing him as the fragile human he actually is. I loved seeing that side of him, it added more to the character and I felt more engaged and attached to him.

I always think with crime novels that it’s important to discuss the ending after all that is the grand finale and as always Agatha Christie hasn’t failed to impress. I have never seen an ending coming and with this book, in particular, it was a complete surprise. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m losing the little grey cells as time goes on but I never seem to be able to string together what has actually happened and who the culprit is. It’s the one thing I thoroughly enjoy about Agatha Christie’s work and why I keep coming back for more. I felt my heart sink a little at the ending of Peril at End House, purely because I had become more attached to characters in response to Poirot’s devotion and upset.

I will recommend this series til the day I die. Never have I been so blown away by a series and a crime one at that. Peril at End House is just the latest in an extremely well-written series, so seriously, if you haven’t, check it out!

Have you ever loved a series as much as I love Poirot? Let me know what it was in the comments below!