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We’re finally back from the trip of a lifetime – our Disney Honeymoon, in fact, this post is a little late, we have been back nearly three weeks. It’s taking a little time to get our routine back and get everything in order. I wasn’t as organised as I thought I would be so it’s been a little bit of an impromptu hiatus from the blog, but I should be getting back to normal scheduling in the coming week. Anywho, if you want to know what we had planned for the trip, you should read this post here, and then come back.

So our Disney honeymoon starts:

Friday 20th April (today) – Disney honeymoon day 1

This was an extra travel day, and once we had battled over the Irish Sea we were booked into the Radisson Blu that’s connected to Manchester Airport, and I’m so glad we did this. First, it was so nice to get to the airport and know that we didn’t have to go any further. Plus the room was BEAUTIFUL, we got complimentary Prosecco cause it was a honeymoon and in the morning we just walked over to the airport. We didn’t end up using the twilight check in, it just didn’t fit with what we wanted at the time and it worked out okay because the queues weren’t so bad in the morning.

Saturday 21st April – Disney honeymoon day 2

We were finally off, my travel anxiety had hit an all-time high and we ended up clearing security ridiculously quick and ended up with loads of time through at departures, which was a blessing really. We bought a few snacks which actually were a waste of money, we didn’t eat an awful lot other than the airline food on the plane. We flew out on time and actually ended up landing early, around 2, I will say this was the WORST flight, I can’t actually think of a crappier way to start our Disney honeymoon. I ended up with having a HORRIBLE child sat behind me, I have every sympathy for crying babies and unavoidable situations but this kid was just misbehaving and being awful! But yeah, flight over and we breezed through security and was out of the airport and into our private transfer an hour and a half after we landed, not too bad.

We checked in to the Rosen Inn International, a nice hotel if a little basic, and then we headed off to the Animal Kingdom for our Flight of Passage fast pass. We ended up getting there early and waiting in standby for Everest, a ride hubby wasn’t too sure about, never mind it ended up being one of our favourites. We ate at Satu’li Canteen and had their cheeseburger pods which were super delicious, wouldn’t hesitate to go there again. It was then time for us to walk onto Flight of Passage, I still have dreams about this ride, it took my breath away. I won’t spoil it but seriously go on it if you get the chance! So after roughly 23 hours awake we made our way back to the hotel and slept!

Sunday 22nd April – Disney honeymoon day 3

We let ourselves sleep in and when we did eventually get out the hotel we took a walk down to the nearest IHOP to grab some breakfast, we were so surprised with the amount of food we got and how cheap it was. After breakfast, we decided to check out Whole Foods and bought some essentials, milk, muffins, some sweet treats. I have to say it was super expensive, more than what we were thinking it was going to be. I was ridiculously tired by this point, the 23 hour day was finally catching up with me, and we ended up having a lazy couple of hours at the hotel before heading off to the outlet malls.

The outlet malls were amazing! We spent FAR too much money and I ended up grabbing my first designer bag. Something that I’m still massively in awe off. It’s a beauty. So we spent waay too much money there and then ended up back at the hotel, hung out by the pool and ended up having an early night, all to be ready for our first day at Epcot!

Monday 23rd April – Disney honeymoon day 4

We decided to do Epcot at the beginning of the holiday because we wanted to be in good form for the World Showcase but I think we might have played this wrong. I don’t think we were completely over travelling and that made today really hard. We had the following fast passes:

  • Test Track – 10.10am
  • Mission: SPACE – 11.10am
  • Spaceship Earth – 12.10pm

We also managed to grab a fast pass for Soarin’ we loved all of them. Soarin’ and Test Track were definitely the winners! We wandered around the different countries but we were super tired and it just wasn’t a great experience. I did do the Pick-a-Pearl in Japan which I really enjoyed. I grabbed a necklace pendant but left getting a chain as they were a little on the pricier side. We ended up having dinner at Liberty Inn and I would definitely go back. The food was great and although it was basic American cuisine it was super tasty! We ended up leaving before the fireworks and beating the rush, we headed home, pretty beat, ready for the next day!

Tuesday 24th April – Disney honeymoon day 5

Okay so we scrapped the getting up early, we were still up pretty early but not rope drop early. We got into the park early and walked onto Dinosaur, which was a really good ride, something completely different to what we expected but definitely a ride I would go on again. We had fast passes for:

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris – 9.15am
  • Expedition Everest – 10.15am
  • Na’vi River Journey – 1.35pm

We LOVED Kilimanjaro Safaris, it was definitely one of our favourites rides! We got SO close to rhinos, my favourite animals, and the person leading our safari was knowledgeable and funny. There were quite a few little jokes throughout, we just really enjoyed it. Expedition Everest was once again a thrill, and even Hubby loved it the second time around. We decided to try Flame Tree BBQ for an early lunch, it was great, but we weren’t too keen on the chicken, it seemed to be a little undercooked. We then decided to head to Flight of Passage as the queue was only at 85 minutes, but it turned out to be a 2hr wait, we think something broke down or someone was sick. But it is definitely a ride that is worth queuing for. After that we headed out of the park and to Disney Springs, I needed to find a swimming costume and we were still pretty knackered from travelling and Epcot.

We then headed off to Disney Hollywood Studios, this was the only park we were really disappointed in. Hubby wasn’t a huge fan of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and there just wasn’t an awful lot there to do. We went on Star Tours and then headed off for our dining reservations at 50’s Prime Time. I have to say the food was spectacular here and we had a great waitress who made us laugh, this was definitely one of our favourite dining places for the whole trip! We watched Movie Mania but headed off before the fireworks, we were beat!

Wednesday 25th April – Disney honeymoon day 6

This will forever be the day I will never forget – my Magic Kingdom day. My cry count by the end of the day was at 3, and I had to hold back tears for the majority of the day to be honest. I cried at the welcoming ceremony, the Festival of Fantasy parade and the Happily Ever After Fireworks. Disney definitely knows how to pull at the heartstrings. We managed to walk on it’s a small world, a ride hubby wasn’t exactly thrilled about but one you have to do. We then had our reservation at Be Our Guest for breakfast at 9.25, I have to say we probably won’t be doing breakfast, here again, the food was okay and although the atmosphere was great, it was very expensive for what it was. We left BOG So we’re going! I’m thrilled and SO excited. We then walked around taking in the sights then went on for our fast passes:

  • Big Thunder Mountain – 10.55am
  • Splash Mountain – 12.20pm
  • Space Mountain – 1.25pm

When I was a kid at Disney my all-time favourite rides were the mountains at the Magic Kingdom, and they are still as good as I remember, even the Hubby loved them. It’s lovely to see that Splash Mountain is the same as it was when I was a kid. I really got a kick out of it. We went on all our fast passes and then found a spot to watch the parade. We chose to sit on Main Street, and right in the sun, it wasn’t a great spot and if we do it again, I would definitely do a little more research and choose somewhere else. I cried all the way through the parade. It was fantastic, one of my highlights of the entire trip if I’m honest. We then wandered around, managed to bag fast passes for Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Carribean both we really enjoyed. For dinner, we decided on Casey’s. I definitely had eyes bigger than my stomach in this sense I think if we go back I would make sure I’m really hungry for it or split one. We then staked out a spot and watched Happily Ever After – probably my favourite part of the entire trip!

Thursday 26th April – Disney honeymoon day 7

I think we’ll call this our washout day. We ended up getting up later than planned and changed our original idea and headed to Target instead of straight to Universal. I wasn’t feeling the best and we were super zapped from the day before. We spent A LOT of money in Target but found some really nice bargains as well. Hubby headed off to his comic book store and I chilled out with an Iced Coffee in the sun. All bought and paid for we headed back to the hotel for a bite to eat. By this point, I think I had had too much sun, but we powered on and headed up to Universal.

I will say we were REALLY disappointed in Universal which was a complete surprise – we booked the hotel we did because we thought we would like Universal more than Disney. Nothing could have been further from the truth. We found Universal to be crowded and the staff were rude. It just felt unfinished and badly themed. APART from the Harry Potter land, that part was amazing and the one bit that we actually enjoyed. We went on a few of the rides, but we weren’t really feeling like doing much, so we headed back to the hotel. To be honest, it wasn’t really as though we had a choice, Universal shuts REALLY early, like 5 most days which was a shame. We headed off back to the hotel and ended up getting a McDonalds in the largest McDonalds in the world. Fancy schmancy.

Friday 27th April – Disney honeymoon day 8

This was another washout of a day, we both weren’t feeling particularly great and we spent the day lounging around before heading off to Universal. We wandered around for a little bit, we went on some of the rides, but none of them seemed to be as good as the ones we had been on at Disney. It got to later on in the afternoon and I came down with a pretty severe migraine, so we headed back to the hotel so I could lie down for a bit and rally myself for our booking at Bubba Gumps. I have to say the food here was amazing and we will definitely be back. We headed straight back to the hotel so I could get into bed and try and lift a headache that was horribly hanging around.

Saturday 28th April – Disney honeymoon day 9

I think that this day was up there with my favourite of the trip, we decided that seeing as we were so wiped out from the week we were going to spend the entire day at Typhoon Lagoon. It is one of my favourite places. We lounged for the entire day, and we got a really good spot right by Miss Adventure Falls and Crush ‘n’ Gusher which turned out to be our favourite rides, the Lazy River turned out to be not-so-lazy with kids screaming and splashing. I loved every part of this day. We ended up going to Disney Springs to return some of the stuff we bought and to have another wander around. It was a lovely day, and it was well needed!

Sunday 29th April – Disney honeymoon day 10

We ran back up to Target and had another look around and ended up spending more money. Hubby ended up back in the comic book store and I ran over to Marshalls and picked up a few items in the sale. It kind of reminds me of TK Maxx, it had the same sort of jumble sale feel. I managed to find some Toms on sale and some nice shorts to go under dresses. All in all, it was a good day. We headed back to the hotel and ended up sitting around the pool. It was a lovely way to end the weekend, we felt so relaxed, plus I found two little kittens and made friends. We headed off to Universal and Islands of Adventure, I rode the Hulk and ended up having an early night ready for another day at Epcot.

Monday 30th April – Disney honeymoon day 11

We were back at Epcot, slightly later than planned, lying in became our salvation and we hoped that we would have a better time of it. We were running late and we only just managed to make our Soarin’ fast pass. But it was better than the last time, and it will definitely be on our favourites list for a long time. Our other fast passes were:

  • Soarin’ – 9.40am
  • Spaceship Earth – 10.45am
  • Living with the Land – 11.45am

But we skipped Living with the Land having already done it on the previous week. We just didn’t fancy it again. We wandered around for a little while and sampled some more of the food. It was more relaxed than our previous time, and we took our time wandering. It was kind of bittersweet because we knew this was our last time at the park. We ended up eating at the Nine Dragons which was really good value for money and the service was impeccable. We really enjoyed our meal. We didn’t end up staying for the fireworks, I wish we had, kinda but it was a long day and we were trying to cut down on the long days.

After the park,s we took our time and ended up at the outlets to buy all the gifts for everyone back home. All the shopping is done and it getting late in the day we headed back to the hotel and crashed out.

Tuesday 1st May – Disney honeymoon day 12

We ended up at the Magic Kingdom later than planned, only because we stopped at Universal to buy our final souvenirs and to do our final walk around. We still weren’t massively impressed with the park and I don’t think we’ll be hurrying back. We did have a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest but we ended up cancelling because we had the dinner reservation for that night. Which by the way was WELL worth the money. The food was beautiful and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I was when I was meeting the Beast. I loved today, we ended up spending the day going round on the different rides, it was great because we had already seen the parade and our reservations were at the same time as the fireworks we didn’t have to worry about staking out a spot for them. We got to go on all the rides and ended up doing some shopping. I think the Magic Kingdom really knocks it out of the park in terms of experiencing the day!

Wednesday 2nd May – Disney honeymoon day 13

We ended up being really knackered and ended up getting up late. We headed to Hollywood Studios, this park was my least favourite, there just wasn’t enough to do and we struggled to fill our time here. We scrapped our fast pass for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Hubby wasn’t a huge fan and I could take or leave it. We swapped it for a fast pass for the Beauty and the Beast show, which I LOVED. Totally recommend! We also did Tower of Terror again, and we enjoyed it better this time around. The surprise of the day was that we booked in a tour for Disney Vacation Club. We went and saw the new rooms at Copper Creek up at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The rooms were beautiful and it gave us a lot to think about, so we jumped into the van and headed over to the Animal Kingdom to finish the day off.

We went and watched The Lion King show and I was amazed, this was probably one of the best things we had seen in Disney. We then jumped on our fast pass for Everest, which was super bittersweet as we knew it was going to end up being our last time on it. It was definitely one of our favourite parts of Animal Kingdom. We ended up eating at the QS Yak and Yeti and I think we must have ordered the wrong thing, cause we were not impressed! We stayed and watched the Rivers of Light, which was nice but nothing close to Happily Ever After or the other nighttime shows we had seen. We then headed to the gift shop and bought a Tree of Life mug and a 20th-anniversary pin for my now very

full lanyard. We then said goodbye to the Animal Kingdom, not before we forgot the bag in the locker and had to run back!

Thursday 3rd May – Disney honeymoon day 14


We decided against going to Universal and opted to have another day at Typhoon Lagoon, we love this park. It is definitely in the top three. We took it slower today and spent more time lounging around and relaxing. It was really quiet so most of the rides were walk on. We stayed there til closing and ended up jumping on the bus to Disney Springs for a final wander around the gift shops. We ended up bying a lot of chocolate froum Ghiradellis which was amazing. I also bought the brownie mix so we could make it when we got home (still haven’t done that). Jumped in a Lyft and headed back to the hotel.

Friday 4th May – Disney honeymoon day 15

We ended up spending our last day at Magic Kingdom, I wanted to make sure that we had done everything we wanted to do and make sure we finished the holiday off with Happily Ever After. I will say this was the MOST uncomfortable day, it was a little hotter and the crowds were huge due to the cheer camps that were going on over the weekend. We still got on everything we wanted to, and we bought the majority of the stuff. I don’t think I have ever been sadder to be leaving somewhere in my entire life. It was heart breaking.

Saturday/Sunday 5th/6th May – Disney honeymoon day 16

I will say that if we go again (we’re already planning) we will not be flying with Thomas Cook, they have the worst customer service, our flight was delayed but not one of the 4 members of staff thought it important enough to update us with what was going on. The first apology we had was the Captain when we got on the plane, the ground staff were rude and just didn’t care. We had had a run in with our rep which left a bad taste in our mouths so we were already pretty against going with them again. We landed in good time though, jumped on a direct train, which then ended up being delayed and took forever. We booked into our Ibis hotel and ended up crashing for 3 hours, we were knackered! We took the train up the round to Wetherspoons and had dinner just before grabbing our bags and walking down to the boat. Our holiday was officially over.

So there it is what we did for our Disney Honeymoon. I hope you enjoyed reading about our time there! Let me know if you have any tips for time spent at Disney. We’re hoping to stay onsite next time around, so would be grateful to hear your thoughts!

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