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By the time your reading this, I will be sat on the boat and the Disney honeymoon will be underway. Feel sorry for my poor husband, I doubt I will be bearable company on the two and half hour boat journey. We decided to have a belated honeymoon and have been waiting 18 months for our countdown to be over – you can read my original post about our honeymoon here. I thought I should do an updated post on what we are planning to do on our holiday and how we intend to make the most of our time there. I will then make a post when we come back to the reality of the situation and how everything went down, the good, bad and the ugly as they say.

So our Disney honeymoon starts:

Friday 20th April (today) – Disney honeymoon day 1

This is an extra travel day, we have to get off the rock we live on and get to the nice international airports. We have booked into the Radisson Blu that’s connected to Manchester Airport, I wanted the piece of mind that we could walk over to the airport and we weren’t reliant on anything else. This is where my travel anxiety ends up being an issue. We’re also planning to take advantage of twilight check-in and getting rid of the bags the night before, so it’s one less thing to worry about the following day and we can go straight through to security.

Saturday 21st April – Disney honeymoon day 2

OUR OFFICIAL TRAVEL DAY! I am so excited writing this but I know on the day I am going to be a bundle of anxious energy, I’m the type of person who wants to be at the airport three hours before anything opens. You know, so I’m prepared. We fly out with Thomas Cook in the morning and land around half two Orlando time. We are staying off site so have booked private transfers through Thomas Cook, it is our honeymoon after all. We don’t really know how long it’s going to take for us to get through customs and getting baggage so we haven’t made any dining plans, but I did manage to grab a rare as gold dust Flight of Passage fast pass for 9.15pm. We were planning on cancelling it and resting but we never got another to replace it and it becomes a perfect reason to keep ourselves awake and beat the jet lag. So depending on what time we reach the hotel we may eat on International Drive or grab something in Animal Kingdom. We are also wanting to head to the supermarket and grab a few essentials like milk and sugar, can’t start the day without a cuppa tea.

Sunday 22nd April – Disney honeymoon day 3

We debated on heading straight into the parks, but we have planned instead to spend the day getting our bearings and heading down to the outlet malls and seeing if there are any bargains to be had. I think it’ll be nice to ease into the parks slowly and to give ourselves a day where we aren’t rushing around trying to get places. To do everything at our own pace. We might nip to Universal Studios for something to eat, more than likely though we’ll end up at the Denny’s across the road.

Monday 23rd April – Disney honeymoon day 4

And so the Disney Honeymoon really begins, we’re planning to start our trip in Epcot, people say you really walk miles around this park and we want to make sure we did it before our feet felt as though they were about to fall off. We have the following fast passes:

  • Test Track – 10.10am
  • Mission: SPACE – 11.10am
  • Spaceship Earth – 12.10pm

We’re also planning on looking around the World Showcase and sampling some of the wonderful food and snacks on offer. One thing I am so desperate to do is the Pick-a-Pearl in the Japan Pavillion so this is definitely on our list. Plus it’s the International Flower and Garden Festival when we’re there so it’ll be a nice experience wandering around and trying some of the food from the various kiosks. We’re hoping to stay for dinner and to watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, but we will see, it all depends on how knackered we are!

Tuesday 24th April – Disney honeymoon day 5

This is a flexible day in the sense that I know we will have had potentially a really long day the day before and we’re planning on being up REALLY early to get to the Animal Kingdom before it opens in order to rope drop Flight of Passage (which also depends on what we think of the ride when we ride it on Saturday). So the initial plan is to get to the Animal Kingdom, jump on Flight of Passage before the queue gets huge, and if this is successful, our fast passes will come into action:

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris – 9.15am
  • Expedition Everest – 10.15am
  • Na’vi River Journey – 1.35pm

I don’t know whether we will do a full day in the Animal Kingdom, but we are thinking about hopping over to Hollywood Studios and seeing what we can do there. We have dining reservations at 50’s Prime Time and if we make that we will probably wait and watch the Star Wars: A Galatic Spectacular.

Wednesday 25th April – Disney honeymoon day 6

And we are finally at the time to enter the motherland – Magic Kingdom. I am so excited because our day starts off with a reservation at Be Our Guest for breakfast at 9.25, I was gutted when I first started working out dining reservations I wasn’t able to get anything for Be Our Guest, and then by chance I got a breakfast reservation. So we’re going! I’m thrilled and SO excited. So we have breakfast and then it will be time for our fast passes:

  • Big Thunder Mountain – 10.55am
  • Splash Mountain – 12.20pm
  • Space Mountain – 1.25pm

We are wanting to watch the parade and then we might stay on for the fireworks. We haven’t made any reservations for an evening meal so we’ll just play it by ear and see what we fancy and what we’re hungry for.

Thursday 26th April – Disney honeymoon day 7

We thought it might be best to have a bit of a break from Disney and spend some time in Universal Studios. I think we’re going to focus on Harry Potter world, and if I thought I was excited about Disney World and those parks nothing can prepare for the excitement for walking through Diagon Alley for the first time. The hubby is the most excited for the Marvel island, so we’ll probably spend our time in Islands of Adventure. I think I like the idea of not having to plan down to the moment, which Universal offers. I like having the fastpasses for Disney but there is definitely more freedom at Universal. For dinner I think we’re going to try and get a reservation for Bubba Gump’s, I’m really excited to eat there, so fingers crossed we get in.

Friday 27th April – Disney honeymoon day 8

Another day at Universal to get on all the rides we didn’t the day before, also check out the main part of Universal Studios, if we didn’t get to it the day before. I also think we’ll end up eating there for dinner and work out what our priorities for the following week. I wanna make sure we get to eat at all the places we want to, I mean big one for me would be to try Cinnabon – because cinnamon swirls are actually my life.

Saturday 28th April – Disney honeymoon day 9

After a long week, we have planned for a bit of a rest day. I think the trouble with Disney is there is SO much to do that you don’t want to waste time sitting by the pool and missing out on all the wonderful things around you. So we’re hoping that having a day at Typhoon Lagoon will cover both those bases. We’re going to get there early and stake out a spot, spend the majority of the day there and then head out to Disney Springs or one of the parks for fireworks. I think it’s going to be a nice respite from the rest of the week.

Sunday 29th April – Disney honeymoon day 10

Another day of shopping, we might end up going to Millenia Mall and checking out what there is up there, maybe head to Michaels and Walmart. I think this will lead on from the water park “rest day”, we’re definitely going to need it after everything we’re attempting to get done in the week. I don’t want to end up being so tired that we end up leaving stuff because we’re done in. I’m hoping that we’ll end up by the pool chilling out in the sun after we’ve wandered around the mall. It will definitely be a dining on International Drive kinda night.

Monday 30th April – Disney honeymoon day 11

We’re back at Epcot again, and we’re hoping to eat everything we missed the last time and we also bagged fast passes for some of the rides we weren’t able to get the last time. I know we will probably get on some of the rides using the standby line but this way we’re guaranteed to get on all the rides if we by chance don’t have time to get on one. They are as follows:

  • Soaring – 9.40am
  • Spaceship Earth – 10.45am
  • Living with the Land – 11.45am

And depending on how we enjoyed the IllumiNations the previous week we might stay to watch them again, if not we might head over to Disney Springs for some shopping and maybe something to eat. But we might have filled up all day so it may just be shopping, who doesn’t want to spend money at Disney.

Tuesday 1st May – Disney honeymoon day 12

Then we’re back at Magic Kingdom and this was originally because I managed to snag another reservation for Be Our Guest breakfast, which I think we’ll cancel only because I managed to get a dinner reservation for that night, so I think it might be a little bit of an overload for hubby. So it might be a day to make sure we get on everything we didn’t get on the previous week.

  • Haunted Mansion – 10.20am
  • Pirates of the Carribean – 11.20am
  • Jungle Cruise – 12.20pm

After we eat at Be Our Guest we might stay for the fireworks but I think we will have missed by the time we’ve finished eating. So home and bed, maybe we’ll jump on a ride whilst they’re low with everyone watching the fireworks.

Wednesday 2nd May – Disney honeymoon day 13

This will kind of be the reverse of the previous Tuesday in the sense that we’ll be hitting Hollywood Studios first and then heading back to Animal Kingdom. I think hubby is excited to be spending as long as he wants in Hollywood Studios and I’m kinda excited to see if we can eat in Sci-Fi Diner. We haven’t reserved anything yet as we’re still deciding but I really want to try it. Our fast passes are:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – 9.55am

  • Tower of Terror – 11am
  • Star Tours – 12pm

Then we might jump over to the Animal Kingdom, or we might head back to the hotel and lounge around by the pool, it all depends on how tired we are and whether we got everything done in the Animal Kingdom the week before. I don’t actually know what we’ll be doing for tea, it will depend on whether we end up at the park or the hotel. 

Thursday & Friday 3rd&4th May – Disney honeymoon day 14&15

This will be the final go-round Universal, Islands of Adventure and Harry Potter World. I guess this will be the last chance to grab any souvenirs and pictures that we might want to and maybe get a last go on all the rides. We might end up buying fast passes based on how many rides we’re still waiting on going on! I think I’ll be distraught leaving Harry Potter land and everything to do with it! But all good things must come to an end, will probably head to Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium for something eat and we have other places we want to make sure we eat at!

Saturday 5th May – Disney honeymoon day 16

This is the day I’m dreading. The day where we have to pack up and head home. We’re on a fairly late flight home, so we will probably check out and maybe head down to the shops or head to Universal if we feel like we’ve missed something or wanted to get something for the flight home. It will be a slow paced day without any real need to do anything. We will be on our way to airport for our overnight flight home. Back to the dreary world of the UK.

Sunday 6th May – Disney honeymoon day 17

This is our last travel day, we arrive in the UK at around 7am and then we have a dayroom in Liverpool to drop the bags off and to have a shower. We then plan to sit in the Odeon and watch back to back films and finally relax until our boat home. Back to reality.

So there it is – our complete plan for our Disney honeymoon. Do you have any recommendations of places to see or do? Let me know in the comments!

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