Who Could That Be at This Hour? | 2 star review

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Who Could That Be at This Hour? | 2 star reviewWho Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket
Series: All the Wrong Questions #1
Published by Little Brown on 24th October 2012
Genres: Middle Grade
Pages: 258

The adventure began in a fading town. Far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket started an apprenticeship for a secret organization shrouded in mystery and secrecy. He asked questions that shouldn't have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published that shouldn't be read. Not even by you. Seriously, we recommend that you do NOT ask your parents for this, the first book in his new ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS series. Lemony Snicket, in case you don't already know, grew up to be the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events series.

Who Could That Be at This Hour? is the first book in Lemony Snicket’s new series, and it’s a book that has sat on my shelf for too long and was added to my 2018 must-read challenge. So I have succeeded for another month, but I have to say I was a little disappointed with this book, and although I hate to say it I think I have outgrown Snicket’s writing.

For me, I think the shining star in Snicket’s writing has always been the dark humour and the style of writing. I definitely think that this was missing in this book, I’m not sure whether it was because I didn’t have the same nostalgia going into this series I did with A Series of Unfortunate Events. But Who Could That Be at This Hour? just didn’t hold the same amount of magic for me, something about the writing felt forced and I struggled through the story.

I definitely think there was something missing in the story that the plotline seemed to be all over the place and this wasn’t in a cause more questions without the answers but more of a not having a clue how the story was going to end and how we were going to get there. I just wished the characters had been something special, something that would have carried the rest of the plot line. But they were 2D and just didn’t thrill me like his characters usually do. They were tropey and I just wasn’t a massive fan.

I don’t know whether I will be carrying on with the series, so I’m not sure I would recommend Who Could That Be at This Hour? especially if you are a fan of Lemony Snicket’s work. I think this would disappoint you, there isn’t the same richness to the story or the characters. I just wish someone had warned me, I might have been spared the disappointment!

Have you read this series? Was I totally off the mark with my opinion? Let me know in the comments!