The Mystery of the Blue Train book review

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The Mystery of the Blue Train book reviewThe Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie
Series: Hercule Poirot #6
Published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers on 30th March 2007
Genres: Crime
Pages: 317
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A mysterious woman, a legendary cursed jewel, and a night train to the French riviera -- ingredients for the perfect romance or the perfect crime? When the train stops, the jewel is missing, and the woman is found dead in her compartment. It's the perfect mystery, filled with passion, greed, deceit. And Hercule Poirot is the perfect detective to solve it...

Its been a long while since I last reviewed an Agatha Christie Poirot book and The Mystery of the Blue Train is the latest in my Poirot journey, it was another Audible listen and I am definitely enjoying listening to them as opposed to reading them. That might change as my best friend for Christmas bought me Murder on the Orient Express so I will be reading that, so I’ll actually be able to compare the two. Anyway, I think that The Mystery of the Blue Train is another one of the Poirot mysteries that the ending hits you in the gut.

My love for Poirot is definitely growing, I love the little quirks and they make me smile whenever I hear them happen. Plus his need to keep everything so close to his chest and his grand reveals are some of the best things about these books. Also, I think that the ending of The Mystery of the Blue Train really packs a punch, it’s up there with the ending of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd for me. As I keep going with this series I definitely think that this is something that Agatha Christie really knows how to do, and some of the endings have left me gobsmacked or caught me completely unawares, something I really appreciate in a crime novel!

I think these books are going to go from strength to strength and I’m really loving listening to them and learning more about the characters and the dynamics of it all. This was also a solo mission which sometimes makes all the difference its kind of like having one on one time with the one and only Poirot, which no one should say no too. I would love to have some indication of how old Poirot is in this book, he’s been retired for a little while and it’s one of those things that kinda bugs me throughout the book.

I do think the best thing about these books is how each of the mysteries end up being slightly different and I am really looking forward to seeing how The Mystery of the Blue Train compares to the other train mysteries in the series. I think they have a lot to live up to, especially outdoing the twist ending at the end of this one, but we will see.

As always I recommend this series to everyone who loves the crime genre, I think this series is really in a world of their own and are a must read!

Let me know if you have read any of the Poirot books? Do they carry on getting better and better?