My book buying and reading plans

Posted October 4, 2017 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in book un-hauls / 0 Comments

It is safe to say that after my YALC Trip in July my book buying was out of control. I bought so many books and I still had books on my shelves from the last time I went. It was crazy. I don’t have an awful lot of room for my books, but my husband has agreed to me having my own room in our flat for all my books, desk and computer. But the pile keeps growing, and it’s threatening to take over all our space in the flat.

I have had to come up with a plan, some kind of way to control my book buying and make sure that I am actually reading the books that have been on my list for years. I have books that date back to before me and my husband got together and that was over 7 years ago! Plus I keep hold of books that hold sentimental value or books I really enjoyed but have now outgrown. I’m never going to read them again yet they are taking up valuable shelf space.

My solution? To get brutal, and I mean really brutal with what I was buying and what I was keeping. So my new rule is anything that rates 2-stars or below is an automatic un-haul, and then anything that rates 3-stars can be kept BUT only if I have a strong urge to read it again. So basically all the books I read last month are going to be leaving my shelves, which makes the hoarder in me panic a little, but it has to be done. I can’t keep buying books at the rate I am and not get rid of the ones I’m never going to pick up again.

So this is my battle at the moment, I’m allowing myself some flexibility with the 3-star reads but anything below that is gone!

Wish me luck!

How do you keep your book buying under control? Would you be interested in regular book un-haul posts? Let me know in the comments!