Water in May book review

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Water in May book reviewWater in May by Ismée Amiel Williams
on 12th September 2017
Genres: YA
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Fifteen-year-old Mari Pujols believes that the baby she’s carrying will finally mean she’ll have a family member who will love her deeply and won’t ever leave her—not like her mama, who took off when she was eight; or her papi, who’s in jail; or her abuela, who wants as little to do with her as possible. But when doctors discover a potentially fatal heart defect in the fetus, Mari faces choices she never could have imagined.

Surrounded by her loyal girl crew, her off-and-on boyfriend, and a dedicated doctor, Mari navigates a decision that could emotionally cripple the bravest of women. But both Mari and the broken-hearted baby inside her are fighters; and it doesn’t take long to discover that this sick baby has the strength to heal an entire family.

Inspired by true events, this gorgeous debut has been called “heartfelt, heartbreaking and—yes!—even a little heart-healing, too” by bestselling YA novelist Carolyn Mackler.

This was another free arc that we recieved whilst we were at YALC – you can read all about that trip here and all the other books I bought whilst I was there here. I had NO idea what I was expecting when I initially picked this book up, but I wasn’t too impressed by the story or the writing.

I thought the concept behind the story and I believe that it is based on true events but I just felt like some aspects of the story was unbelievable. I struggled with the fact this fifteen year old was in this situation, and going to give to birth to a child with special needs and no one thought to ask her where she was going to get the money or support to raise her child. I’m not totally clued up on what happens when you find yourself pregnant at fifteen but I would have thought someone would have been checking these things.

I would have loved for there to have been more character development, I found it really hard to keep the characters in Water in May straight in my head. Some of them were really unlikeable, I just wished that there had been more to keep the story moving forward.

I did feel as though I learnt a lot and there was an awfully lot of emotion packed into such a small book, and there was a lot of issues that were being dealt with. But I feel like there was too much to be dealt with properly in a small book, and I felt like there was part of the story that could have been delved into in more detail. I think that the overall thoughts about this book was there too much going on and not enough explanation!

My favourite character in Water in May would have to be Dr Love, I thought he was the perfect doctor and he was the only one who seemed to have a human reaction towards Mari and her predicament. I loved the way he treated her like a normal human and reacted in a caring manner.

My least favourite character in Water in May would unfortunately have to be Mari. I hated the way she looked at having a baby and the lack of responsibility she had towards the whole issue and situation. I just wished she would have showed more of a long term outlook on having a child.

I don’t think I would recommend this book, I didn’t enjoy the writing style and I wish there had been more substance to the characters and everything happening around them.

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