Odd & True book review

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Odd & True book reviewOdd & True by Cat Winters
Published by Amulet Books on 12th September 2017
Genres: YA, Historical Fiction
Pages: 368
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Trudchen grew up hearing Odette’s stories of their monster-slaying mother and a magician’s curse. But now that Tru’s older, she’s starting to wonder if her older sister’s tales were just comforting lies, especially because there’s nothing fantastic about her own life—permanently disabled and in constant pain from childhood polio.

In 1909, after a two-year absence, Od reappears with a suitcase supposedly full of weapons and a promise to rescue Tru from the monsters on their way to attack her. But it’s Od who seems haunted by something. And when the sisters’ search for their mother leads them to a face-off with the Leeds Devil, a nightmarish beast that’s wreaking havoc in the Mid-Atlantic states, Tru discovers the peculiar possibility that she and her sister—despite their dark pasts and ordinary appearances—might, indeed, have magic after all.

Odd & True was a free arc that I received at YALC 2017 which you can read all about here. I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened the book, but I have to say the first couple of chapters didn’t blow me away! In fact, I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t going to finish it, but I’m kinda glad I did, to be honest.

I think that Odd & True has a really nice slow reveal, and I think that was its one redeeming feature, it was definitely the one thing that kept me reading and interested in the story. Especially when you bring in the mythology and the different storylines that are mixed into it all. I did think the plot seemed to be a little confused at times, as though the author had no idea where the story was going to end up.

I do wish the characters were more developed, I struggled with the relationships and the way they were formed and described. It was hard to make connections with any of the characters because they were so two dimensional. It was tough because True wasn’t consistent all the way through. It was hard to read about because I found myself getting more and more annoyed if I’m honest. Nothing seemed to be the same all the way through.

My favourite character in Odd & True would have to be Odd, I loved her perseverance and the back story of why she ended up the way she did. I definitely loved her imagination and the way she told her story, I thought there was a lovely thought process behind it all and I thought the outcome was wonderful!

My least favourite character in Odd & True, unfortunately, is True. I found her irritating to say the least and she was so inconsistent with her character and her reaction to her sister. I thought she came across as being wishy washy and I just wish there had been more substance to her as a character.

I would recommend this book for the slow reveal, but I hate the characters and I wish there was more substance to them and the story revolved around them more. Just a small thing to ask.

Are you excited about this book? Were you expecting more? Let me know in the comments!