Game of Thrones Season 7

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I needed somewhere to rant like serious fan girl moments that happened in this series! So where better than to throw my thoughts about Game of Thrones Season 7 down than my wonderful book blog. I am tying this rather tediously to the fact that last year I read the entire Song of Ice and Fire series so there is a link – you can read all about that challenge here.

On with the first part of my thoughts.

Episode 1: Dragonstone

This was one of the best set up episodes I think out of the entire series, especially watching Arya destroy so many of those on her list. Watching that happen was like a breath of fresh air – almost like the losers were on their way back from the brink of destruction. It was a good feeling after everything that had happened.

I loved watching Cersei finally realise that she had managed to isolate herself from the rest of the houses, and not regretting it in the slightest. It was the start of her going full blown pyscho. I couldn’t believe it! I think she still remains one of the most interesting characters!

And can we just talk about Daenerys’ arrival to Dragonstone, that in itself felt like such a victory and something that had been long awaited. I think it was our first real look of Dany being a contender for the throne, plus it made me so excited to see what she was going to get up to for the rest of the season.

Episode 2: Stormborn

I loved watching Dany playing Queen, she seemed to fit perfectly into the role, and I ADORED Varys’ speech about loyalty! I think this whole scene was the perfect indication of how Dany is going to rule and the hope she has for the future. It was the perfect mixture of strength and also restraint. Best scene for Dany so far.

I loved watching Ayra change her mind and head towards her family home, I think I was more excited for the Stark girls to be reunited in Winterfell, it felt like it was so long-awaited.

Seeing Sam Tarwell forging his way through the citadel and making his own rules. I loved seeing his confidence grow and watching him challenge the rules around him. He has definitely grown massively as a character – and poor Jorah. I physically winced when he was having his treatment.

Let’s not even talk about how much I cringed through the last battle, and how my heart dropped when I saw they had the crossbow to kill the dragons. The violence of the battle was something I should have been expecting but boy did it make a huge impact. I felt a little sick by the end if I’m honest.

Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

I think this is the first filler episode if you will, a lot happens, but nothing massively dramatic. It is definitely setting up for the drama that happens in the next couple of episodes. I think I struggled with the episode only because I’m not a massive fan of Jon Snow, in fact, he annoys the heck out of me. I liked watching Dany struggling with him, not swearing fealty, and the politics behind that problem.

I think this is the start of the revenge cycle. I think watching Cersei get revenge for Myrcella’s death is one of the best scenes, there was so much emotion and pent up frustration your completely mixed in what you’re feeling. On one hand, you’re heartbroken for Ellaria but at the same time she did the same thing to Cersei, so there is this massive moral dilemma that you have to overcome. ONE OF THE BEST SCENES.

I think that watching Olenna die was the most heartbreaking. I think the fact that she had lost the entirety of her family and this was all she had left, I almost couldn’t bear it. Her admission about killing Joffrey wasn’t a huge surprise but I think it was her final play and she played it well!

Episode 4: The Spoils of War

This was the episode where my hatred for Bran went to a whole new level (I’m still not over the fact he killed Hodor). The way he treated Meera was disgusting, I couldn’t give two shits whether he’s now the “Three-Eyed Raven” her brother died getting you up there so you could be, have a little respect. I don’t think I will ever have any respect for Bran – unless there are some huge surprises in store for the last season… I doubt it though.

I also thought the tension between Ayra and Sansa was a little far-fetched, there was no joy at seeing each other again, which just didn’t seem right especially after everything they had been through to get to this point. It all seemed childish compared to previous situations they had been placed in.

Finally, we saw Dany take on the world on the back of a dragon. I loved this entire battle, watching the horror as they realised this is what they are up against. That they have no hope, it was wonderful to see the Lannisters being dropped down a notch or two. That isn’t to say my heart wasn’t in my mouth when the crossbow was aimed at her.

Episode 5: Eastwatch

I think watching Dany burn two people alive showed how precarious her position is, ESPECIALLY because she has the shadow of her father behind her. Seeing Tyrion’s reaction and attempts to stop her from making this mistake was scary, I think it was the first point in this series where you see what she really capable and that her words aren’t empty threats. I LOVED IT, I loved her making her own decisions, whether it ended up being good or bad.

I think the dynamic between Jamie and Tyrion is always one that interests me, they have such a unique bond and one that not even Cersei seems to be able to break. Watching Jamie taking a chance on him once again was heartwarming and one of my favourite parts. I do love the way the dynamic between Cersei and Jamie changes when she announces her pregnancy, there’s like a noticeable shift! It was great!

Samwell is and will always be one of my favourite characters, he finds his feet in this episode, and there is a moment where he’s willing to sacrifice his life for the Watch. My heart just swells whenever he’s on the screen – I think I have a problem.

Watching Littlefinger manipulate the situation with Ayra and Sansa made me so angry! I hate that guy, like really hate that guy. But at the same time, the whole situation with Sansa was so contrived that I couldn’t believe they were acting the way they were.

Episode 6: Beyond the Wall

I think watching the plot with Littlefinger coming to light was really interesting and so well done. I couldn’t believe that she was going along with everything he was saying. Plus Ayra doesn’t help you know carrying a bag full of faces around. Obviously, it becomes clear later on but this episode played it so close to the chest that it worked SO well.

I don’t even know how to talk about the stupidity that it was to head behind the wall to capture the Wight. It kinda made my heart drop, because I already kinda knew what was going to happen. There was no other thing that could have happened, but it didn’t make the heart break any less. I actually wanted to sob along with everyone, I was in complete shock, plus I still held onto the hope it wasn’t going to happen, but then the implausible actually happened.

Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

The last episode of Season 7 and they didn’t pull any punches. I think I felt sick to the stomach for the entire hour. It was the worst but one of the best episodes of the series, which the last ones always are but this one took it to a whole new level.

My heart broke multiple times in this episode I think the first would have to be when Jamie realised that Cersei was too far gone even for him, and watching him make the decision to leave was more than upsetting. I saw it as the breaking point for Cersei, the point of no return. It was a great scene but I can’t help but feel for Jamie.

I thought watching Littlefinger try his best to destroy the relationship between Sansa and coming to regret it – I think out of every death so far apart from maybe Joffrey this would have to be one of the most satisfying deaths out there! I was waiting for this to happen and I’ve wanted it to happen since he betrayed Ned Stark. Plus it was great to see Ayra and Sansa standing as one finally. The only thing I wished we had learnt was his motives, why he had pushed the conflict to the point he had. It felt like we were missing out on half the story.

PLUS CAN WE PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE DANY AND JON!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THAT HAPPENED. I don’t know how I feel about it but it happened!!!

Watching the wall break I can’t even put into words how I felt watching that. I was kinda expecting it, but stiiiilll! There’s no wall left to protect everyone. Plus how heartbreaking was it to see Viserion working for the bad side. I can’t believe that happened. I have so many mixed feelings about everything, I just want to see how they plan for everything to work and who actually survives by the end!

Did you watch Season 7 with the same amount of enthusiasm as I did? What are you looking forward to in Season 8? Let me know in the comments!