Best books of 2017… So far!

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We are half way through the year – or almost and I thought now would be a good time to review and rate the ones I have read and choose the ones I loved the most! On with the best books of 2017… So far.

The Song Rising

This is Samantha Shannon’s new release and she has never failed to surprise me with the plot twists and turns with each book. The characters are well put together and offer so much insight into the world it really is astounding. Plus this book was all the political intrigue and I just love anything to do with political intrigue. A well earned addition to my best books of 2017… so far list.

A Court of Wings and Ruin


My best books of 2017… so far list is a list of sequels! There have been so many good releases these last few months. This is the third book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and once again Sarah J Maas has hit it out of the park. The pace was slower in this than the previous books but I loved everything we learnt about the different courts and the lay of the land. It really was a lovely addition to an already great series.

King’s Cage


Another sequel… another addition to the best books of 2017… so far. I have definitely had a run of political intrigue favourites. The mental challenges and the information we receive about the characters makes this book one of my favourites. I definitely think it outshines the previous books because of all the politics. I recommend you go and pick these up now!

The Song of the Stork


This book was a complete surprise and therefore a surprise addition to my best books of 2017… so far list. The writing in this book is beautiful and so well put together that I was blown away with the way that everything ends. It was definitely a book I was dubious about but it was one that I am so glad I read because of the historical factors and the beautiful characters.

American Gods


The newest and last addition to my best books of 2017… so far list. I finished this at the weekend and the characters blew me away. The modern twist and integrations into real life. The myths were some of my favourites and the Gods had some of the best personalities. If you haven’t read this book seriously go and pick it up right now!

Let's Talk

What books have you read this year that have blown you away? Let me know in the comments. I would love more recommendations to see me through the rest of 2017!

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