One Year Penny the Puppy Update

Posted April 25, 2017 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in penny the puppy / 0 Comments

It is exactly one year since our wonderful puppy Penny made her way into our lives and what a year it has been, I’m not even sure I have the words to describe how much of a roller coaster it has been! We have had some really lovely moments and some really crappy moments as well, it all comes from having rescue dogs. She has issues that a puppy who had the support of siblings and a mother wouldn’t have, possession and mouthiness and just general manners. It can feel like we’re fighting against the tide at times. But I’m certain I wouldn’t change any of it! We have come a long way after one year of working on everything but I will say we have a long way to go, we definitely have things that need ironing out and making some of the things work.

I definitely think this has been one of the steepest learning curves my husband and I have ever been on. In fact, at one point I think it nearly broke us up! It’s a lot of change and dedication that goes into to having a rescue puppy! Especially because they have the potential to have so many more issues surrounding their beginning in life so you have to be totally aware of everything that could possibly trigger bad behaviour. It can sometimes feel like a full-time job to make sure everything is running as smoothly as it can be.

We have been through two lots of trick training and we have learnt so much one year on. I’m not even sure I would go about things the same way – if only I had known what I know now back then. Penny is so in tuned to our daily lives she knows when we need some extra comfort and when we need some extra space. She is also really good at taking herself off when things get too much which seeing as she’s an insecure dog could be often.

We also got the bad news that she has hip dysplasia in both her hips and we’re now looking into options to make her more comfortable. But it’s been a hard pill to take at times and the money that goes into keeping her comfortable is RIDICULOUS at times, but we love her and we would have her no other way!

I’m just so proud seeing her grow into the dog she is now one year on. I can’t believe how far we’ve come and I pray that the good times just keep rolling!!

Would you have a rescue puppy/dog? Or have you already got a special pooch in your life? Let me know in the comments!